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Pandora's Sponsored Caning

Film (running time 27:56) with gallery of 141 screengrabs
Added , updated 5 Jun 2016

Performers: D, Pandora Blake



Pandora Blake strips naked and takes 50 hard cane strokes on the bare bottom. This free porn film starring real life couple D and Pandora is released as part of the protest against the UK porn laws. 

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Tags: Backlash sponsored caning, bare bottom, barefoot, bottom grasping, British, cane, CMNF, cold caning, D, domestic, dominance|submission, film, free video, hard punishment, M|F, negotiation, nude spankee, Pandora Blake, real couple, real life, stripped naked, welts

Directed and edited by Hywel Phillips.

“It's an honour thing, an integrity thing – if I can dish it out I should be able to take it.” These are Pandora Blake's determined words as she strips naked and settles down on the bed for a hard 50 stroke caning on the bare bottom.

This free caning video shows a delicious amount of behind the scenes action – from D's calming bottom rubs and kisses to help Pandora get through the pain, to a cheerful mid-caning cup of tea.

Each of the 50 strokes shown in this film was sponsored with a £10 donation to Backlash in protest against the censorship of UK porn. But knowing they're for a good cause doesn't necessarily make them easier to take. The journey from stroke one to stroke fifty takes Pandora through squeals of pain, wriggling, and to a place of spaced-out happiness. 

Click here to find out more about the campaign to challenge the recent porn laws which make this film, among others, illegal to sell in the UK.  In protest we are making the SD video available to download and stream absolutely free of charge - and if you are a site member, you can login to view the crystal clear HD film. We don't have the bandwidth to make the HD version freely available, but we encourage our members to download it, re-upload it and share it far and wide. 



When I right click to save, its doesnt give me the option.

Which file are you trying to download? The links all seem to be working to me... I wonder if the issue is a user interface one. On some devices such as Macs, Chromebooks, tablets and phones, right click doesn't work. Try clicking the button instead, or if you are using a keyboard, clicking while holding down the function or alt button, and see if that gets you anywhere?

If you click the link without using right click, the video should start automatically playing in your browser. You can then use the File menu in your browser to save the video.

Conviction for what you believe in.

That was so beautiful and personal thank you! For standing up against the new law in such a personal and painful (apart from the good strokes) way. I too was worried about your ankle as the bruising looked wicked, but as D found out it was ok. Plus now I know what to do until my tea reaches the perfect drinking temperature.

Honour and integrity

Oh wow. "If I can dish it out then I should be able to take it". Well you certainly showed that Pandora! An incredibly brave performance by you for such a worthy cause. And much respect to D, as a very considerate top, for managing the pacing and intensity of your caning so well from start to finish. Those last 10 strokes in particular were sheer perfection.
Congratulations to both of you and to all others who took part in the sponsored canings - true martyrs to the cause one and all.

Your body size and shape is one of the most attractive size/shape's I've ever seen Pandora :)

A great caning, though you seemed to be enjoying it a little too much. Perhaps it should have been as hard as the caning you gave Ariel.

For me there is something special about a caning, the marks are very distinctive; there is nothing quite like them and you cannot hide the fact you have been caned from anyone who sees your bottom. How long did the marks take to go?

A lovely session from the heart from both of you. Oh and stroke 50! Zing...Ahhh....Mmmmm

Pandoras swishing

Pandora you are a brave girl taking your swishing ,love andrespect from Tim .

50 strokes

You took all 50 well, keep up the good work all x.


Apparently we are adorkable.

Yes, yes you are :-*

D's pants?

What kind of pants is D wearing? Just curious. Will watch scene we I get a chance and comment after. Looks, words escape me.


Finally get see and hear D on film. Lovely. Just realized you two cute dimples just above your tuchis, Yiddish for bottom, hope to see D again on film. These are a wonderful insight to kinky relationships. More please.

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