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How to use this website


I can't see a link to your members' area - where is it?

Unlike most other paysites, this site doesn't have a separate section for members. Instead, we have a publically visible page for every spanking scene. Non-members will be able to view some preview images, our description of the scene, any comments people have left - and, in the case of films, a free video trailer. Once you join the site, these pages will automatically update to include the full image gallery and all media files for download. 


How regularly is the site updated?

We will update the site once or twice per week with spanking scenes in a variety of media. There will always be at least one new video update every week. Every 'scene' consists of a complete spanking story with a beginning, a middle and an end. Even scenes which are episodes in an ongoing series will stand alone as individual stories. We promise never to deliberately publish partial scenes, or split films up into smaller clips. Every spanking scene will be released as a single, complete video file or photo gallery all in one go - so you never have to wait to get to the good stuff.

Most of our films are between 10-30 minutes in length, with several longer films in our archive. Photosets include 30-200 high resolution images. Occasionally, we'll treat you to a longer movie, or even a complete feature film including DVD extras. Some weeks we'll upload extra scenes, just because we feel like treating you!

Behind the scenes material is included with all our updates as standard at no additional cost - all members get full access to out-takes, interviews, behind the scenes photos and commentary. And our blog, twitter account and comments on scenes will be active every day of the week, so you can keep in touch with Pandora, our performers and other site members.  


What files and formats are the spanking scenes available in?

We offer video in two formats: high res mp4 (or mpg in the case of some older films) and a lower res wmv for slower internet connections. MP4 files range between bitrates of 1.5-3 mbps, at 960x540 pixels for older films and 1920 x 1080 for newer ones, and WMV files tend to be around 1mpbs at 960x540 pixels. We recommend VLC media player, which is a free, open source, cross-platform player that works on PC and Mac. You can download it here

After you have joined the site, the free trailer on video pages will be automatically replaced by a the full scene which is available to view in our popup video player. This plays an FLV video of about 1.5mbps at 960x540 pixels. Our embedded video player uses Flash, and is supported by all current Windows/Mac browsers. To stream video on Linux we recommend using Mozilla Firefox, as there are some incompatibilities between Flash and Chromium. If this doesn't work for you, most browsers will automatically stream video for you if you open one of the download buttons as a new tab. 

Audio files are available in mp3 format, and can either be downloaded or played in your web browser.

Photo galleries can be browsed on the website using the lightbox image viewer, and whole galleries are also available to download in zip archives. To unzip these compressed folders you can use a program called WinRar - a free version is available to download here.

For films which do not have accompanying photo galleries, we offer galleries of high resolution, hand-selected screengrabs, which can be browsed or downloaded as a ZIP file in the same way as photo galleries.


How much does membership cost?

We offer three membership options:

  • 30 days £20.00 (non-recurring)
  • 90 days £50.00 (non-recurring - 3 months at only £16.66 per month)
  • 30 days £20.00 (recurring - rebills at £15 per month)

Once your membership expires, simply login to your account using the same username and password, and visit this page to re-join at any time.

Non-members can also purchase individual scenes through our clips store, by clicking the "Buy Now" button on the scene page.


What payment options do you accept?

You can pay online using a credit or debit card via CCBill for instant access. If you don't have a credit or debit card, we also accept payment via P@ypal, Amazon gift card, post or direct bank transfer.


How do I join?

Joining is a simple two-part process.

First, register a free username and choose a password. You will receive an email with an confirmation link, so make sure you type your email carefully. Once you receive the email, click this link to activate your account. (If the email doesn't arrive and you've checked your spam folder, send us a message and we'll get you set up.)

Once you have your username, this is your login for the lifetime of the site. You can now upgrade your account by paying for membership.

Your Dreams of Spanking username can include letters, numbers and_underscores_, and can be as long or short as you wish. This is your login on the site forever - you can use it time and time again. This is your username for writing comments and viewing members-only content. If your membership has expired, you can still use this login to write comments and interact with other site members, and you can re-subscribe using the same username at any time.

Once you have filled out our payment form, your Dreams of Spanking user profile will be upgraded to member's status as soon as your card has been charged. You will receive a confirmation email to let you know your payment was succcessful. Return to www.DreamsofSpanking.com and you will have full access to all members-only content.


Can I leave comments without paying for access?

Yes. Anyone can register for a free user account, which will enable you to edit your profile, leave comments and "like" comments and spanking scenes. We welcome all spanking enthusiasts to join our community!

Once you've registered a username it's yours for the lifetime of the site. If you later decide to buy a membership, your user account is automatically upgraded to give you full access to all paid content - and your username and password will stay the same. You can continue to chat and participate in the community using the same login details, regardless of whether you are currently a paid member.


How do I find the spanking scenes that interest me?

You can search for scenes in a number of ways.

At a glance:
View all the scenes in our archive at a single glance with our thumbnail gallery, with most recent scenes at the top. Click through to the scenes that interest you.

By date:
Our homepage shows a feed of recent updates, with the latest additions to the site at the top. From here you can click through to the individual scene pages. If you click "view all" scenes you will be able to browse every scene on the site in chronological order.

By keyword:
Every scene is tagged with a number of keywords. Keywords might include performer name, scene type (e.g. film or photoset), the implements used, the genders of both top and bottom, the genre, mood and atmosphere of the piece, and certain details which may be of interest to discerning viewers.

You can view all keywords by clicking on "Browse" in the main menu. Alternatively, if you click on a tag in any spanking scene, you will be able to see other scenes which are tagged with the same keyword. We hope that this will help you easily find the scenes which feature the implements, performers and specifics that most appeal to you.

By performer:
You can see all our performers at a glance by clicking on "Cast" in the main menu. Performers are listed in alphabetical order. This listing includes a link to all scenes in which each performer appears - a similar link can also be found on performers' user profiles.

By gender:
If you are only interested in scenes of a particular gender orientation (e.g. F/F) you can browse scenes by gender category on this page.


Some of your films really aren't my thing. Can I avoid seeing them in search results?

We understand that because we offer a broad range of spanking and kinky material, that not everything on this site will appeal to all our viewers. Everyone has their own personal tastes and that's perfectly okay.

You may find our gender category links useful if you wish to avoid scenes of a certain gender orientation. We will aim to vary our updates in order to avoid adding too much similar material in a row, so if one update doesn't appeal to you, don't worry - chances are the next one will. If you would like to see more of a particular type of scene, please do contact us and let us know.


If you have any questions which are not answered above, please get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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