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I now have a huge crush on Zahra Stardust

If you’ve read Pandora’s updates from the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto, you’ll already know a bit about Zahra Stardust. Sexual activist, champion pole dancer, and scorchingly hot porn star, Zahra’s been making waves all across the world. This year, she won ‘Heart Throb of the Year’ at the Feminist Porn Awards (very shortly after this shooting this scene, in fact!) and it’s clearly well deserved, because having been introduced to her through this orgasmic spanking film I have a massive crush on her myself. 

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Zahra Stardust is utterly gorgeous, with beautiful piercings, tattoos, hot pink hair and a delightfully filthy grin - dressed in sheer knickers and a pink latex microskirt, I can see why Pandora was so excited to take her over the knee.

She's not just a pretty face, but an exceptional activist too - she’s run for parliament three times in her home country of Australia, and is currently doing a PhD on pornography.

Zahra's mission is to change the world, one orgasm at a time. Through artistic porn depicting authentic queer sexuality and female pleasure, her work celebrates consent, bruises and bodily fluids, and self-deterministic representation. And in this spanking video, with a firm helping hand from Pandora, some slow and hard strokes with the strap, and her Hitachi Magic Wand, she does just that.

An orgasmic queer spanking for Zahra Stardust at Dreams of Spanking

I think one of the things I love most about Zahra is that when you watch her you get these amazing hot kicks of lust at each moment when she expresses pleasure. She’s never stoic or silent: she gasps and sighs with arousal, gripping the pillows tightly as the strap bites into her flesh, with blissful smiles and happy moans when she’s being pleasured in just the right way.

An orgasmic queer spanking for Zahra Stardust at Dreams of Spanking

This scene isn’t just a spanking (although of course there are plenty of opportunities to admire Zahra’s gorgeous bum as she gets spanked through sheer knickers and in just a tantalising pearl thong), it’s the build-up to an explicit and delicious orgasm. We get to watch Pandora squeeze and touch Zahra all over, see what she loves and how she reacts to the spanking sensations she was so curious about. And for those who - like me - enjoy a bit of consensual choking and breath play, the climax to Spanking Zahra Stardust is off the end of the hotness scale.

An orgasmic queer spanking for Zahra Stardust at Dreams of Spanking

Explicit queer spanking with Zahra Stardust

The Explicit Diary of Zahra StardustThe first shoot of the weekend in Toronto was with Australian porn star Zahra Stardust. I hadn't heard of Zahra before we made contact in the run up to the feminist porn awards, and I have to wonder why. She's a Penthouse Pet, Australian pole dance champion, and the owner of her politico-sexual riot grrl site The Explicit Diary of Zahra Stardust. She has run for Parliament three times as a Candidate for the Australian Sex Party – for House of Representatives, Senate, and for Lord Mayor of Sydney. She's worked for the United Nations and she's doing a PhD in pornography. I think I'm in love.

Zahra contacted me before our trip to say she'd seen Molly Malone doing a spanking demo in Melbourne with Artemisia de Vine, and came away craving a spanking. Would I be willing to oblige?

It's not every day you get a request like that in your inbox and there was no way I was letting this opportunity slip through my fingers. We set up a content share shoot with Ms Naughty and her husband Luke, the good folks at Bright Desire, behind the camera.

The only time all of us were available was Thursday morning at 9am. I'd arrived into Toronto at 8pm Wednesday night after an all-day transatlantic flight, and pretty much fell straight into bed. The next morning I got up early to get clean, have breakfast and knock on Zahra's door to say hi. It's quite rare for me to not meet people until the moment arrives to work with them - normally I only set up shoots with people I've already met in person. But even at eight in the morning Zahra was relaxed and radiant, and I could tell we were going to get along just fine.

It's always tricky to come up with believable scenarios for shoots in hotel rooms, and I make a point of coming up with storylines that fit the location. We decided to make the scene semi-candid, just Zahra and Pandora, only with a slightly edgy twist as I come to her room to surprise her with the spanking she craves. Ignoring her protests that we'll be late for the gala, I invite myself in and take her over the knee.

Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves

Zahra has had a stellar career filled with sexy, kinky adventures but she hasn't often had the experience of a thorough, old fashioned over the knee spanking. We'd talked beforehand about her preferences and I knew she liked it thuddy, and I'd promised her a lovely long warm-up. Her panties fell to her ankles and I told her to spread her long, athletic legs and hold them taut. 

Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves

We moved to the bed and she lay face down for a taste of the strap. Her bottom marked up quickly, even bruising a little under the soft leather, but her appetite for sensation runs deep and she could have taken far more than I was able to give that day, given her other shooting commitments. I put the strap down while we were both still hungry for more.

Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves

But things weren't over yet: I told her to fetch her Hitachi and bring herself to orgasm while I slapped, squeezed and caressed her upraised cheeks.  

Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves

Zahra describes her work as changing the world one orgasm at a time, and it was a pleasure to be part of her revolution.

The scene will go up on both our sites in a few weeks. After jumping into the deep end on the first morning we chatted a lot more over the next few days, and I'm certain this won't be the last time we shoot together. Keep an eye on her explicit diary: this lady is definitely one to watch.

Pandora Blake gives Zahra Stardust the spanking she craves


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