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The hotness and humiliation of being punished by the Head Girl

The Head Girl punishes a naughty schoolgirl and schoolboy at Dreams of Spanking

I wasn’t sure how I would get on with audio porn. As a writer, part of me loves the idea because I’m all about the sexy words - but I know I can be quite fussy about audiobooks. It’s all about the person reading them, the voice giving you the words. The wrong tone and the story is ruined. With the right voice though, it can be a wonderful experience. Audio porn allows you to use your imagination while listening, and it can be a great way to really put yourself in the scene, especially with the intimacy of earphones.

I shouldn’t have worried though. Pandora Blake, who narrates most of the audio stories on Dreams of Spanking, has a lovely voice that seems perfect for audio porn. Head Girl, written by Rosie Bower, is a smart sexy story that gives a twist to traditional school punishment scenes. Head Girl Julie learns she has to punish her friends for various misdemeanours. When her friends refuse to take the threat of her punishment seriously she finds herself getting angry, and decides to make them respect her authority as Head Girl.

The anger she feels gives Julie confidence in what she is doing, and she takes total control of the situation, forcing her friends' obedience to her will. What I really like about this spanking audio story is the way Rosie Bower shows us the thoughts of each person in the scene. It gives us an insight into what makes each character tick, and delves deep into their embarrassment, humiliation, indignation and other feelings about being punished by Julie.

My favourite punishment in this story was Liam’s, the cool guy who thinks he can get away with doing whatever he wants. The story takes on an extra dimension of hotness when it's revealed that despite himself, the humiliation of the situation is arousing him. His helplessness in the face of his body's betrayal and the way Julie uses it to embarrass him further is really hot. I adored Julie’s glee when she learns how much she enjoys administering punishment. There's a moment when she has to mentally remind herself that this exercise is about teaching Liam an effective lesson, and not about her pleasure. It's delightful - and it made me think that actually it seems very much about both.

As a whole, this story is equal parts hot and discomforting. A school story in which some cool, rebellious kids have to resentfully submit to punishment from their teachers' pet friend is one that many of us might be able to put ourselves into, one way or another. The fact that this is an unwanted punishment, which they still find arousing even as they hate it, creates a delicious tension. It also raises fascinating questions for me about about the psychology of punishment and humiliation.

I have to admit that the character I find myself identifying with the most was Julie. I love the way that she reflects on past resentments and jealousies to fuel her determination to carry the punishment through to its conclusion. And of course, I love dishing out a spanking and decorating a bare bum with marks that will leave a reminder to re-enforce the lesson - and the idea of doing so to my squirming friends who thoroughly deserve it is very appealing.

So my verdict on audio porn? I found this story super hot, and I enjoyed the process of listening to it more than I expected. I enjoyed imagining the scenario and Rosie Bower creates some enticing images that will stay with me. I loved was the image of the two girls bent over the desk, and of Liam bending over clutching his ankles, naked, embarrassed and unable to constrain his erection. So sexy.

The Head Girl punishes a naughty schoolgirl and schoolboy at Dreams of Spanking

This post is illustrated with pictures from Head Girl spanking video A Taste of Their Own Medicine, starring Zoe Montana, Jimmy Holloway and Pandora Blake.

Equestrian punishments

Our latest film is an equestrian punishment story about tears, friendship, and riding crop whippings - both over Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey's tight jodhpurs, and on their bare bottoms!

Click to view trailer for The%20Fix

The Fix

Caroline's brother bets everything on her next race, hoping his winnings will cover his other gambling debts. Caroline knows Amelia is the best racer at Miss Blake’s Riding Academy, but kind-hearted Amelia agrees to let Caroline win this one. They fool the race officials, but they can’t fool Miss Blake.

When Miss Blake confronts the girls, they confess all. She agrees not to expel them, but they still must be punished. The crying girls hold each other’s hands, tearfully comforting each other as they each receive a harsh whipping from Miss Blake's riding crop.

Amelia Jane Rutherford whipped in tight jodhpurs at Dreams of Spanking Caroline Grey whipped with a riding crop at Dreams of Spanking

This was such a hot scene. Amelia and Caroline both became deeply immersed in character as the good girls who hadn’t meant to get each other in trouble. Their emotional reactions lent a real intensity to the punishment as they tried to protect each other, held hands and counted each other’s strokes. The girl getting whipped tried her utmost to be brave, but both times the one watching cried real tears as they empathised with the suffering of their friend.

These ladies are both amazing actresses. I almost couldn’t bring myself to thrash them ... almost.

Amelia Jane Rutherford whipped in tight jodhpurs at Dreams of Spanking Caroline Grey whipped with a riding crop at Dreams of Spanking
Caroline Grey whipped with a riding crop at Dreams of Spanking

The emotional intensity of this scene appealed to all of us on set, and we were on a collective high when we finished filming. Caroline and Amelia both cited this as their favourite scene of the two-day shoot.

Caroline Grey tries to be brave before her thrashing at Dreams of Spanking Well-whipped girls comfort each other at Dreams of Spanking

Amelia's husband Hywel captured the beauty and drama of their whippings in a series of truly gorgeous photographs. I love Hywel's work; it's always a pleasure to shoot with him. There are so many lovely images from this 100-photo gallery that I found it hard to pick my favourites. But this post shows you a few of them. I think that the genuine tears in Amelia's eyes as she watches Caroline's punishment, and the beautifully vivid welts decorating pale-skinned Caroline's bottom make for some stunning - and timeless - spanking photography.

Caroline Grey whipped with a riding crop at Dreams of Spanking
Caroline Grey whipped with a riding crop at Dreams of Spanking

Whipped to tears

I recently had the opportunity to realise a huge personal fantasy - a particularly edgy domestic discipline scenario. The key element of the fantasy is severe, perhaps excessive punishment from an angry paternal figure; I might kick, struggle, cry, say I'm sorry and beg him no, but the whipping continues regardless. In my fantasies the punishment takes various forms, but when I had to choose one to immortalise in video I opted for a severe belt whipping of over 100 strokes, delivered nearly full force without a warm-up.

Here's the trailer for my Belt Whipping Fantasy:

Click to view trailer for Pandora's%20Belt%20Whipping%20Fantasy

This scene includes lots of kicking, struggling, and begging, and the whipping proceeds regardless for over 100 very hard strokes. It continued past the point where I was saying "please, no", and past the point where it broke down my resistance and I started to cry. This was a hugely cathartic and satisfying experience for me.

Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy at Dreams of Spanking Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy at Dreams of Spanking

Crying during spanking is a thorny issue, and shooting this scene inspired me to blog about it recently. In this case, the floodgates opened about three quarters of the way through. I'd stopped trying to struggle and fight back, and had reached that point in the whipping where I was just knuckling down and trying to get through it.

Even though I'd surrendered, even though I was sorry, nonetheless Tom aimed a particularly hard stroke low on my thighs. Rather than feeling indignant at the unfairness of it, it just tipped me over the edge. I accepted the pain without argument. It just made me more aware of my own helplessness. I broke out in genuine, gulping sobs and tears poured down my face. The punishment continued remorselessly, which is of course exactly how I wanted it. 

Pandora Blake whipped to tears with a belt at Dreams of Spanking
Pandora Blake whipped to tears with a belt at Dreams of Spanking

Of course, this sort of edgy scenario can be problematic for viewers. I find the idea of helplessness, severity and punishments that aren't necessarily fair or consensual incredibly hot, but as a porn user I struggle to enjoy videos telling this sort of story unless I have absolute, cast-iron certainty that the spankee was privately enjoying the experience. One of my main aims with this website is to solve the problem of how viewers can tell that a dark, severe or edgy fantasy video was produced by performers who not only consented, but did so enthusiastically, and had fun with it.

Behind the scenes videos are one way of showing this, as are blogposts like this one. There has been some debate about portraying certain fantasies in porn in the UK this year, and one criticism was that if videos are taken out of context, it can be very hard to tell the difference between good acting, and a shoot that was genuinely unpleasant for the spankee. I had the idea of bringing some of the behind the scenes material into the video itself, so that as well as seeing the fantasy, you also see some of the making-of before and after. Right now I'm loving the idea of showing real negotiation of kinky scenes, including communication before and after, as a way to make production more transparent, and perhaps provide some examples of healthy communication in kinky relationships.

Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy at Dreams of Spanking Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy at Dreams of Spanking

I can testify that it is absolutely possible to realise a severe, edgy, violent and boundary-pushing fantasy in a safe, responsible and enjoyable way - but a lot goes into it beyond the roleplay itself. There's preparation and talking beforehand, choosing positions and implements, negotiating limits and details. There's breaks, if necessary, during the scene; and there's aftercare and cuddles once it's over. I like watching videos of rather nasty things happening to people, and as a pornographer I think it's important to produce them in a way that's empowering for the "victim". I'm interested in showing that part of the process as well as the fantasy itself.

So Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy opens with me talking about this scene beforehand, what makes it hot for me, and how I feel going into it. We then videoed my chat with Tom in which I told him about the scene - I hadn't shared some of the details with him until this conversation and I wanted to show the negotiation, and his responses, live as they happened. We agree various specifics, and then go straight into the roleplay. Later, after the punishment sequence is complete, the camera keeps rolling as we drop out of character and react to the scene. 

I was a bit nervous about this format, in case viewers told me they found the behind the scenes sections ruined their suspension of disbelief and prevented them from getting into the fantasy. But so far the feedback I've received has been overwhelmingly positive. This is definitely a format I will consider using again, especially for darker or more severe scenes.

Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy at Dreams of Spanking Pandora's Belt Whipping Fantasy at Dreams of Spanking

Personally, when dabbling in extreme kinky fantasies, I'm much more comfortable if it's an experience that's led and initiated by the spankee rather than imposed on them. On this site you can guarantee that any scene I am spanked in is one I sought out for myself; and since launching Dreams of Spanking I've enacted more of my fantasies than I ever imagined. This website provides a safe space for me to explore my darkest fantasies; and hopefully a safe space for you to enjoy them, too.  

Corporate Intimidation and The Loose Hem

I'm halfway through telling you about our location shoot the week before last, but in the meantime I've got a bit behind on sharing our recent videos. Here's the lowdown on our latest two scenes.

Click to view trailer for Corporate%20Intimidation

Corporate Intimidation

A young reporter is visited by her ex-bosses who know she's been working undercover to blow the whistle on their corrupt organisation. 50 strokes of the tawse should ensure her silence. 

Alex Reynolds thrashed with the tawse at Dreams of Spanking

We were coming up to the end of Alex's shoot with us, and we wanted to make it a big deal. I'd talked to her earlier in the week about scene ideas and proposed ending on a nastier, edgier scene than we'd done previously, with Tom and I playing the bullies who gang up on and intimidate her. Everyone in the UK was talking about Murdoch's phone hacking scandal at the time, and so a whistle-blowing scenario seemed like a good place to start.

"I'm not sure," said Alex, "I don't generally enjoy playing scenarios where my character is defeated or silenced."

"Okay, that makes sense. But would you feel the same way if your character won in the end? Not just morally, I mean, but in terms of actually getting the better of the bad guys?"

"Hrm," she said. "Let me think about that."

So she did, and we talked some more, and on the day, she said she was good to go ahead. We were all nervous going into it, and the dialogue proved tricky for all of us (look out for the forthcoming behind the scenes video to watch all our many, many flubs). While we were cut between takes of the opening conversation, Alex asked, "When you get started, are you guys going to use physical force? Because that would be hot."

Yes. Yes we were.

Alex Reynolds thrashed with the tawse at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds thrashed with the tawse at Dreams of Spanking

The resulting scene turned out far more intense than I had anticipated. Tom's and my characters are just relentlessly nasty, in a horribly smug, self-satisfied way. We hadn't planned a total number of strokes, and I was shocked when I came to count them and realised that Alex had taken a brutal 50 strokes with my two most severe leather tawses. No wonder she was shedding real tears by the end.

This is an edgy, forceful intimidation scene that will appeal to fans of hard thrashings, unfair punishments and strong submissives. Our heroine is in the right, and she will beat the bad guys in the end - but sadly, meanwhile it won't save her skin. 

Alex Reynolds thrashed with the tawse at Dreams of Spanking

Alex Reynolds is an incredible talent, and her courage and conviction make her a perfect match for the role of the idealistic, determined whistleblower. Corporate Intimidation is one of my darker films to date, and I only cast performers I trust completely in this sort of edgy scenario. Alex played it with a combination of sympathetic vulnerability and inner strength that blew me away. 

At the other end of the spectrum, our latest F/M film is a flirty, playful domestic storyline sent in to us by viewer joolstheman. We filmed it in August on our shoot with Zoe Montana, Molly Malone and new male spankee Vincent Brennan.

Cross-dressing, teasing and cane welts in flirty femdom spanking film The Loose Hem

I still need to share the rest of the previews from that day, but meanwhile this is a great little scene to introduce Vincent. He's 39, new to spanking, relatively inexperienced (you can tell from how beautifully he marks!) but extremely enthusiastic, and with a high tolerance.

Before shooting The Loose Hem, we'd filmed a severe caning film with Vincent (my first one with a male spankee - I'm excited to share it). That served a double purpose in providing some beautiful cane welts for this scene. Here's the trailer for The Loose Hem:

Click to view trailer for The%20Loose%20Hem

The Loose Hem

Vincent visits his wife's younger sister, Molly, with a skirt that needs hemming. Molly has always been a tease, and now she insists that Vincent model the skirt for her to help her make the adjustments. Her flirting puts him in a compromising position as she discovers his secret: black silk stockings under his trousers, and a set of vivid cane stripes on his bottom, covered thinly by lacy ladies knickers. It turns out that Vincent's wife and her sister have some interests in common! 

Cross-dressing, teasing and cane welts in flirty femdom spanking film The Loose Hem

This is a subversive, nostalgic, erotic short film. It encompasses cross-dressing, sensual domination, teasing, embarrassment, the revelation of slender Vincent's bottom and legs clad in black silk stockings and white satin ladies' knickers - and the further revelation of his cane striped bottom. The step-sister relationship gives it a naughty semi-incestuous twist, and Molly is perfect as the flirty, sexually powerful woman who is perhaps a bit jealous of her older sister's submissive hubby!

Cross-dressing, teasing and cane welts in flirty femdom spanking film The Loose Hem

Cross-dressing, teasing and cane welts in flirty femdom spanking film The Loose Hem

Plus of course there is some good old fashioned over the knee spanking with Molly's famously hard hand, and too many strokes to count with a wicked wooden ruler. Members can watch the full video to see Vincent's lovely reactions over the knee, and Molly's naughty storytelling of spankings she and Zoe's characters got as children!

Cross-dressing, teasing and cane welts in flirty femdom spanking film The Loose Hem Cross-dressing, teasing and cane welts in flirty femdom spanking film The Loose Hem

I've posted the full text of the story joolstheman sent me to the scene page for The Loose Hem, so click through to have a read if that's of interest. Jools has sent me various other scenarios which I'd love to shoot in 2014. If you like this film, I know he'd love to hear any feedback you may have.

Caned to tears

I'm very fond of our domestic punishment film Caned Before Dinner, starring Mila Kohl and Paul Kennedy, which went up the week before last.

Click to view trailer for Caned%20Before%20Dinner

Caned Before Dinner

After her behaviour at the last Rotary Club dinner, Mila's father decides to punish her before this one as a pre-emptive measure. He visits her in her room before they leave, and explains what is expected of her. Twelve strokes of the cane will drive the message home. She might not have done anything wrong yet this evening, but sitting down on a sore bottom all night will remind her to behave.

This was Mila's last spanking video of the day, and we wanted to make it count. Mila loves spanking but has very little experience of the cane, and is very frightened of it.

That fear combined with Mila's genuine tears and Paul's quiet, intense, paternal scolding, turned this simple concept into a memorably intense scene. This might not be the most physically severe caning on the site, but in terms of the emotions and anticipation it's incredibly powerful.

Be sure to watch the behind the scenes videos, which include some lovely out of character moments between Paul and Mila, and give you the chance to get to know this remarkable and beautiful young lady a little better.

100 stroke belt whipping

Well, I'm currently feeling rather foolish. I went out with D this morning for some outdoor fitness training and managed to pull my ankle practising a jump. The pain wore off quickly so I thought it was okay and carried on, but a few hours later, in the pub, it started to hurt and swell up until I couldn't put weight on it. Damn it!

So now I'm on the sofa resting up, and hoping it's not a proper sprain and will be better by tomorrow when Alex Reynolds comes to stay for a week. We'll be shooting for Dreams of Spanking and Nimue's World, doing some spanking sessions, hanging out and generally enjoying each other's company. So hurry up ankle, get better quick!

Meanwhile I have some time to kill, so I might as well tell you about our latest spanking video. This came out on Friday and has already generated a lot of positive attention. It's a fictional domestic discipline scenario in which I take 100 strokes of the belt from my real life dominant partner Thomas Cameron. Here's the free video trailer:

Click to view trailer for Thrashed and Forgiven

Thrashed and Forgiven

Not only has Pandora lied to Tom about having a work do when really she was at a friend's party, but she's been caught out by photos posted on Facebook. She is truly sorry for having been so stupid, and she will be forgiven. But first, she will be punished. 100 strokes of her partner's leather belt will help her learn to be more brave and honest in future.

The full video of this 100 stroke domestic belt whipping is 15 minutes long, and members also get a free behind the scenes video, in which I direct the scene between strokes of the belt and cuddle up to Tom during cuts.

The scenario in this film may be fictional, but the emotions and atmosphere are very real. I wanted to capture the mood of heartfelt domestic discipline where one partner is truly contrite, and the other genuinely does not want to punish them.

In this scene Tom's character is not acting in anger, but using punishment within a consensual discipline relationship, regretfully and with love. While shooting I found myself quickly getting very immersed in the roleplay and feeling genuinely upset, and as a result the punishment felt genuinely cathartic 

The belt whippings in my fantasies are often long ones, 50 or 100 strokes, applied slowly and methodically. Bringing this fantasy to life while shooting this film was extremely hot, and emotionally intense.

We decided to deliberately stage the punishment over the leggings and knickers, as I know that some of you like to see punishment applied over tight clothing and underwear. You're welcome :)

Now that I know I can do it, I'm already keen to shoot another belt whipping scene with Tom; more severe, straight from bare - perhaps within a more edgy, less consensual fantasy.

Meanwhile I am delighted with how this nurturing discipline film came out, and based on the response so far it seems that caring, consensual discipline is something you like seeing, too.

The Whipping Boy

It's been a busy fortnight, and this month is about to get a hell of a lot busier. Last week Tom and I went camping together, with perfect timing for the glorious few days of golden sunshine which warmed the south of England. Jacq joined us for the final weekend, and we came home tanned, toned, tired and full of love. Tom and I in particular really benefited from the time together; it's been hard this year since we had to move to different cities, and I feel like our relationship has been healed and renewed. It was a brilliant and very needed holiday that left us feeling refreshed, recharged, relaxed and reconnected. Plus we had the hottest sex after we got home; things haven't been that energised in the bedroom for a long time.

Since then, I've had my work cut out catching up with emails, video editing, client work and some exciting new professional projects - about which more in due course. While I've been too busy to blog about what's new on the site, there have been some cool updates over the last couple of weeks. Before I went away I released one of the most intense films I think I've ever made, a historical fantasy filmed during our amazing location shoot in March. It's called The Whipping Boy, and it goes a bit like this:

Click to view trailer for The%20Whipping%20Boy

The Whipping Boy

Governess Miss Montana is at her wit's end. First her charge fraternises with a servant boy, and now the young lady is going behind her lord father's back on matters of politics.

Not wanting to make a martyr out of the girl, Miss Montana summons both Adele and her sweetheart Jimmy, the serving boy she grew up with. Adele always had a soft heart, and as children, the best way to punish the young lady was often to whip her friend the serving boy. Now, Miss Montana decides it's time to reinstate the arrangement.

To save his love from disgrace, Jimmy willingly offers himself in her place. But this will be the hardest thrashing he has ever had to take for her - and the worst of their punishment is yet to come.

View this scene »

The brainchild of real life couple Jimmy and Adele, this historical fantasy explores themes of class inequality, nobility, personal honour and self-sacrifice. The spanking and caning are hard, but the emotions of the young lovers' plight is the most intense aspect of this scene. Their devotion to one another is plain to see as they cling to each other, offering comfort as real tears stream down Jimmy's face. A deeply personal scenario from two of our most gifted performers.

Click here to read a personal perspective by Jimmy on what this scene means to him, and the experience of letting go enough to cry for the first time on camera.

After the protest

I'm currently in Dallas for the Texas All State Spanking Party, staying with Princess Kelley for a couple of days, and shooting for her, Paul Rogers' and Sarah Gregory's sites. We're heading to the hotel this evening for party registration. Amelia Jane Rutherford is here too, and it's lovely to spend time with her, if a tad ironic that in our busy lives it we need to travel halfway around the world to see each other.

Despite my anxieties they let me through customs without discovering that I was secretly visiting for business as well as pleasure, or opening my suitcase and sending coiled canes sproinging out in an embarrassing explosion of spanking implements and stockings. So that was alright.

Anyway, I just realised I never got round to blogging about the new Dreams of Spanking film Backlash, which by contrast is quite British in theme. I play a rebellious teenager who defies her guardian to attend a controversial political demonstration. She knows, or at least suspects, that she'll be punished when she gets home, but she considers this a fair price to pay for freedom of expression. Her uncle is angry about being blatantly disobeyed, but Tom also gave him a more sympathetic spin, with understandable reasons - beyond simple repression - for not wanting her to go in the first place.


This is the final scene from my first day shooting video three years ago (the other two being Hitting Snooze and During the Cocktail Party). It's the one in which I lost it and ended up taking a long break mid-scene to have a good old cry, because I couldn't cope with taking punishment at the same time as being a producer and having to make decisions. I'd delegated direction to Tom, but I still knew what I wanted and kept challenging him; however I didn't have enough experience to competently direct and bottom simultaneously. I ended up getting very tired and upset and not being able to cope.

After some downtime drinking tea and being cuddled I was ready to carry on, although I was still a bit sniffly. Those tears come through in the finished film.

The placard used is the actual one I carried to the actual protest which is (obliquely) mentioned in the film; against the "extreme porn legislation" which was brought into UK law early in 2009. I didn't have an angry guardian waiting for me when I got home from the demonstration, but I hope I'd have gone even if I had. 

The amendments to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 were carried despite our protests, with worrying consequences for those who like looking at images depicting sexual violence - regardless of whether or not those images were created ethically and consensually, or indeed whether they depict real people or just cartoon drawings.

If you're interested, you can find out more about this legislation and other issues relating to sexual freedom in the UK by following these campaigns:

Backlash UK: defending freedom of expression and sexual autonomy

CAAN: the Consenting Adult Action Network

New blog: Holloway's Road

Male spanking star Jimmy Holloway has just announced the launch of his very own blog. This is exciting news. Not only is it rare to find bloggers writing on kink from a male submissive/switch perspective within our spanking niche, but I know Jimmy to be a remarkably insightful, perceptive person, with a valuable contribution to make to the world of sex blogging.

Despite being brand new, Holloway's Road already has some excellent writing to offer. Check out his thoughts on sexuality and kink, feminist porn and the female gaze, male submission, polyamory and pegging. But this isn't just a kink blog - it's also a showcase for his original BDSM art, which illustrates many of his posts.

He also, of course, offers a fresh, male spankee gaze perspective on filming for this site, as with today's very personal post, Crying On-Set: A New Dreams of Spanking Shoot.

As good as the first scene was, and it really was, it was the second which really blew my mind. Although we had played with some of my favourite themes – chivalry, martyrdom, victim substitution – in ‘As You Will’, we had really run riot with them when it came to plotting out what turned out to be the last scene of the day. I was playing a young man, a servant of the house, who had used to be Adele’s character’s whipping boy. They had known each other since forever, were obviously becoming inappropriately fond of one another, and had allegedly been involved in various kinds of unacceptably political behaviour. The governess, played by Zoe Montana, is called, and after some back-and-forth it transpires that my character is to be punished for the young lady’s misdeeds, even though it hasn’t been done that way for years. At first, after the deeply ingrained deference of the first character, I was finding it difficult to be as mouthy and outraged as the scenario dictated, but eventually managed to get deeply enough into the head-space that it was all coming naturally, before we even got to the CP.

Incidentally, I should mention at this point that we were running with two video cameras, each of them being operated by a different cameraperson, and a separate stills photographer, so we were able to get the whole thing done with as few cuts and changes as possible, which only helped to get deeply into character, which perhaps explains what happened next.

When we were through the hand-spanking, which – as SnowdropExplodes has commented [in this review of Taking the Blame] – Zoe is particularly fierce with, and into the paddling, when Zoe chipped in with the notion that we would have to stop seeing each other completely, although if we were particularly good she would arrange for us to see one another roughly annually. Until that point, I had been taking the beating as stoically as I could, which is pretty damn stoically even if I say so myself, but when she came up with that I just burst into tears, and couldn’t stop myself until quite some time after we had stopped filming. I think it was because we were so deeply in character, or because I was concentrating so hard on withstanding the physical aspect, but it completely blind-sided me and I just couldn’t bear the thought of it, in fact there are tears coming to my eyes now even as I am writing this. By the end, Adele and I were just clutching at each other, wide eyed, and nearly unable to speak. I have rarely been through such an intense scene in the bedroom, let alone on film. 

Click here to read the rest of the post »

I think Holloway's Road is going to be a blog to watch in 2012, and you'd be mad not to add it to your feeds. Perhaps you might also leave a welcoming comment - all new bloggers love feedback. I'm greatly looking forward to reading more of what Jimmy has to say.

Romantic historical F/M

We managed to squeeze in one more shoot with Zoe Montana before she ends her UK tour. This time I invited Adele Haze and Jimmy Holloway to join us too. In a unique, gorgeous location we filmed two romantic, historical F/M videos based on Adele's and Jimmy's fantasies. Although our photogallery Her Ladyship's Breakfast explores the sort of beautiful, intimate and respectful F/M I want to become known for, this was our first chance to express the same dynamic in film.

The location was truly stunning and fired all our imaginations. With our low operating budget we weren't able to create the sort of perfectly accurate historical fiction we prefer to watch, but I hope that the fantasies will be enjoyable despite the odd anachronism.

In the first scene, Adele played a highborn lady who summons a young bridegroom from the local village to her presence on his wedding day. Her husband, as lord, has the right to take first pleasure of his vassal's new bride. But Lady Adele has taken a fancy to the young man, and offers him the chance to save his bride by offering himself instead. He has to prove his devotion to his lady - and he beseeches her to use him as she will.

This was a hot, edgy, semi-consensual scene which included back whipping, hand spanking, the riding crop and no small amount of groping and molestation. Jimmy's nude figure was beautifully offset by the amazing sandstone architexture, and he took his punishment uncomplainingly. I've put together some quick previews which I think give a sense of it:

The second film continued the theme of historical class dynamics and proxy punishments. In this scene a different Lady Adele, being too well bred to be thrashed herself, had a whipping boy as a child. By adulthood the two have fallen in love, to the displeasure of her father and governess. When her young ladyship causes further uproar by stirring up political scandal, governess Miss Montana decides that rather than make a martyr of the girl, the punishment will be more effective if given to her old whipping boy instead. 

The resulting scene was incredibly emotional, with Jimmy taking Adele's punishment bravely, and both young lovers weeping as their governess told them they were never to see each other again. The spanking, paddling and caning that Miss Montana dealt Jimmy was severe, but it was her sharp tongue and the tragic romance of the scenario that put him in floods of tears which continued throughout the punishment. It was intense and very very hot to watch, and left all of us on a high.

Thanks to Jimmy and Adele for writing such imaginative, delicious storylines and for performing them so beautifully, and to Zoe for her help in making this shoot happen. I'm so excited about both of these films, and can't wait to start editing.

I've heard a lot of people talk about the sort of F/M film they'd like to see. I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to reply and tell us what you think. We're shooting some shorter domestic F/M films next month - if you want to see something in particular, leave a comment and let us know. 

View all scenes »