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A Classing Spanking Scene

Pandora Blake is over Stephen Lewis's knee at Dreams of Spanking

This week’s film kicks off in media res, Pandora already bent over Stephen’s knee, kicking and squirming as he lays into her with his belt. It’s a classic spanking scene, perfectly pitched for any fan of the genre.

What I think really makes this one stand out is the scolding, though. Stephen Lewis is an old hand at this - he knows exactly what to say to a misbehaving submissive to leave them suitably shamed and chastised. Maybe this is just my own bias coming through (god knows I love a chatty dominant!), but it’s so often the dialogue that makes a real-life spanking scene special, right? Stephen has all that down pat, and it makes for a highly enjoyable film.

Pandora Blake is spanked on her bare bottom over Stephen Lewis's knee at Dreams of Spanking

We’ve got some behind-the-scenes footage for you this week too, which I always enjoy watching - I’ve never actually been on set with Pandora, and it’s fun to get a glimpse behind the curtain. I’d never really thought about it till I watched this clip, but some of the hottest angles and sexiest shots require a bit of up close contortion from the cameraperson!

If you reckon this chilly February could do with some bare-bottom belting to warm things up, A Very Sorry Young Lady is ready to give you just what you’ve been waiting for.

The Further Adventures of Molly Brown

Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron, and Leia-Ann Woods in period costume at Dreams of Spanking

I always get a little nostalgic around Christmas. This year I’m finding that sensation stronger than ever: 2020 has been a year unlike any other I’ve seen, and the familiarity of the festive season has proven comforting.

It seems only fitting, then, that we have some fine vintage porn for you this week. The Wrong Room was filmed some years ago now, and is the sequel to The Victorian Brothel - which was already a look back through Dreams of Spanking history when we released it in 2017. It’s also set in the 1800s, of course, making it a blast from the past in more than one way!

As one of the newer members of the Dreams of Spanking team, this was my first introduction to the shenanigans of Molly Brown. You can tell in the opening scenes of The Wrong Room that she’s enjoying her bare-bottom spanking a great deal - and not for the first time, either, judging by the array of beautiful bruises she sports all across her exposed backside. Longstanding fans will know that this enjoyment was hard-won: in her debut she was a real firebrand, stubbornly refusing to submit to her client’s desires. All that life and energy is still there - she hasn’t lost her sharp mouth or her quick wit, which we see as the film unfolds - but she’s discovered something wonderful at the hands of Thomas, and submission to him has become something she craves and enjoys.

Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron, and Leia-Ann Woods in period costume at Dreams of Spanking

You can see the jealousy in her face, in fact, when after a mixup with room bookings Thomas decides to invite the hapless Leia to join them. She soon warms to the idea, however, and in the end thoroughly enjoys getting to play the experienced sub talking a nervous newbie through their first ever spanking. Leia too is taken on a journey during this encounter. She’s reluctant at first, seeming to agree only out of a sense of politeness and duty. As her cheeks redden, though, we can see it in her face: she’s enjoying this. She’s learned something new about herself here; something we can but hope she gets to explore with Thomas on many future assignations.

It’s been a deeply peculiar year for us all, has 2020 - but we wanted to go out with a bang (or should that be a smack?), and this was the perfect way to do it. Have a great Christmas, folks, and we’ll see you on the other side.

Long story short... I broke the panty rule

Sha Luciana get strapped on the bottom at Dreams of Spanking

Remember our recent Guest Director release The Credit Card? If you need your memory jogged a little, it’s the one where the stunning Sha Luciana gets her incredibly spankable behind roundly warmed by her husband Pharaoh, following his discovery of her latest credit card bill. I’m sure you remember it anyway, of course; a spanking like that is hard to forget!

Anyway, when that came out we promised you a little something more to follow - and we always keep our promises. This weekend we’re excited to announce the release of some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage that gives us all a chance to get to know Pharaoh and Sha a little better - and see some more of her perfect bottom, too.

Sha Luciana and Pharaoh discuss their domestic discipline lifestyle at Dreams of Spanking

This film is amongst the most intimate and personal footage we’ve released here on Dreams of Spanking. The beauty of Pharaoh and Sha’s content is that everything you see is real; most of their films show punishments Sha would have received whether the camera was rolling or not.

There’s a casual, conversational tone to the whole clip, and they really make you feel like you’re hanging out with them listening to them chat. They’ve also got a special surprise in store at the end - what do you reckon Sha’s getting punished for this time?

Pre-shoot nerves

This shoot with Lana is the first since I had a baby - and I'm feeling even more nervous than usual.

I'm always a little nervous before a shoot, especially one I'm organising. Have I packed everything? Will anything go wrong? Will I get there on time? I'm naturally quite disorganised and so I compensate by being extremely methodical. Lists, lists and more lists. I leave extra time and then double it to make sure I won't be packing late into the night. Even so, I often sleep badly the night before a shoot, my mind racing with anticipation.

This time, returning to film production for the first time after my parental leave, is even more nerve-wracking.

It hasn't helped that it's been postponed twice already. First Lana found out she had a hospital appointment the day before, so we put the date back a week to create more space. Then my toddler was sick and needed me to stay home, so we pushed it back another few days. David Oak, whose venue we are using, and who's also going to be taking part behind and in front of the camera, has been very understanding about the scheduling slips so far.

Now it's the night before the shoot and I'm worrying something else is going to go wrong. I hope we all get there on time. I hope I don't forget anything crucial. I hope I sleep well tonight, as well as can be hoped with a little one. I hope no-one's ill again. I hope I don't do anything stupid tomorrow, like failing to set the camera running or accidentally deleting footage. I hope my kid's okay with their childminder all day.

I'm good at thinking of things that might go wrong.

It's not true, but it feels a bit like I've spent the last week preparing. I thought the extra time would create more space, but the prep has expanded to fill it. Today I spent an hour clearing my memory cards, charging batteries and testing my mic (it seemed to have a problem the last couple of times I used it, but it's working fine now). I spent an hour on all the personal grooming I've been neglecting during lockdown. I spent an hour trying on outfits and finishing my packing, and an hour going to the shop to pick up shoot food. My toddler, who is feeling better than they were, helped admirably with those last two tasks.

To console myself after postponing last week, I ordered a new costume item that would be perfect for one of the scenes. I wrote Lana and I a nurse scene forgetting I'd got rid of my nurse uniform during a clearout. So I ordered a new one - and found out today that it's arriving tomorrow. Timing! So I had to raid my wardrobe and come up with an alternative.

Now everything's ready, and I just need to calm my mind enough to get a good night's sleep. At least I'm experienced enough these days that I'm no longer nervous about the acting, or the spankings themselves. Those are always fresh and stimulating, but in another way they're also delightfully familiar.

Shooting porn as a parent

It's hard to believe that it's been three years since the last duo shoot for Dreams of Spanking. By duo shoot, I mean a film with two people in front of the camera and one person behind it. 

That shoot was with Mike Pain and Danielle K. where we shot Even Teachers Make Mistakes and In Big Trouble. Those were both customs and I'm incredibly happy with the results.

But now, three years have passed and in the intervening time, the only shooting I've done has been solo scenes at home. 

There are two very good reasons for that - I had a baby, and there’s a pandemic. Even at that last custom shoot, Dreams of Spanking wasn't updating regularly. That only restarted in 2019, when I started updating once a month. I'm really pleased that at the end of 2020, we're updating three times a month and considering going up to four times a month or even more because we've got bags of content! The only thing slowing us down is finding the time it takes to create all of the images, trailers and promotional material.

This blog post is about what goes into a shoot - and my renewed appreciation for actually how much it takes now that I'm trying to fit it around being a parent. We’re shooting with Lana Moon on Friday, so I’m going to use that as a case study.

Let’s start with pre-production. I’ve already spent half a day preparing the scenarios, negotiating with Lana to find out what she’s comfortable with, emailing her and our cameraman David Oak to find a date, and researching COVID-safe workplace practises. I could write more about that last point, but in the meantime here’s a link to the UKAP Producer’s Guide on the topic which I found very helpful. Then, I’ll be spending my entire working day on Thursday preparing. I've got to find camera chargers, charge cameras, pack cameras and tripods and lights. I need to find all the clothes I'm going to be performing in, the clothes I'm lending to Lana and any implements and props we're planning to use, and pack those too. I'm going to have to either prepare or buy food for lunch, hitting the cashpoint on the way to take out money to pay everyone. I need to empty memory cards and pack my microphone. Then there's the printing: my kit list to check off as I pack things, the call sheets with the schedule for the day and the treatments for each scene, and the release forms for Lana and Dave. And I'll need to shower, shave, and give myself a lockdown haircut.

Then comes Friday - the day of the shoot. I’m going to be out of the house 9am-6pm, which will be the longest I’ve ever been away from my child. I'm quite nervous about it. We've got our wonderful childcare provider coming, and I'm confident that the munchkin is going to be in good hands with them. But although the small one is 16 months old, we are doing extended breastfeeding and they and I are very closely bonded. They don't rely on breastfeeding for nutritution -  they eat three solid meals with us and have snacks in between, and they love drinking water and herbal tea. But they also have one or two breastfeeds during the day and that's often how they'll have their nap; by feeding to sleep with me. And this week they had a bit of a raised temperature and have been extra clingy. So tomorrow they'll need to skip their usual daytime feeds and nap with our childcare provider. It has happened before, but usually I would be around at least once during the day for a cuddle and reassurance. 

Let’s say Friday comes and the munchkin is settled and I’m ready to go. In order to start shooting at 10am I'll need to be there at 9:30am. It's a half hour drive, so I need to leave at 9am. Before I go either me or my partner needs to collect our childminder from the station, which is a half hour drive. So I need to have my makeup on and the car loaded by 8.30am.

We’re shooting six scenes. Each video will be about 12 minutes long in the final edit, and we usually spend an hour shooting each video. The actual filming often only takes 15-20 minutes: we very rarely have lots of cuts as we tend to let the cameras roll once the performers get warmed up, but it takes time between each film to set up, get changed, have a cup of tea and move the lights. So with six different storylines and characters, the fastest we can go is one hour per 12 minute movie. I always like to coordinate shoots with plenty of space in them, so there's time for breaks and downtime, including an hour-long lunch break. I find it's more fun when there's no time pressure and it feels relaxed. If everything going smoothly, we’ll get six scenes out of our seven-hour shoot. So we're scheduled to finish shooting at 5pm, after which we'll need 30 minutes to pack up, and I'll be home at 6pm. 

And that's before we've even started the post-production!

My partner Felix and I both work part time from home. We both run businesses and we split childcare equally. We use Toggl Track to record how much time we work, and every so often we check the record and whoever's not had as much lately gets extra work time. When it's just the two of us juggling work and toddler time, we usually manage to work around three and a half hours a day each, with the rest of the time going on childcare, cooking, tidying, and all the other household chores.

I've been doing more work than Felix lately because of getting the new custom spanking films website launched - which I'm really excited about. We're starting to get orders in already and I can't wait to bring people's ideas to life. So I'm already ahead - and my shoot day is going to put me way ahead. It means I basically have to borrow work time from next week make up for being out of the house fo 8 hours. That affects everything else, including the post-production and promotion .. and before long you can start to see why I have a lot of unreleased content!

I'm really, really excited to be getting back to production and to shooting duo scenes for Dreams of Spanking. I'm obsessed with all the scenarios: we've got a nice mixture of entertaining and dramatic scenes for you including a period piece (my favourite). They are written in creative collaboration with Lana and I can't wait to discover what our chemistry is like on camera.

I love performing. It's my favourite thing about this job, and I’m dying to get back in front of the camera. Before I was a parent, I'd schedule a single day in my calendar for a full day's shoot. I might plan to be a little tired the next day, but otherwise I'd fill my calendar before and after. Now that I'm very aware of what it takes me away from, I'm appreciating that a day shoot isn't just a day shoot. There's actually a lot more that goes into it as well.

Caught Camming: Behind The Scenes

On 26th September, we released the guest film Caught Camming with Jayda Blayze and Universal Spanking. We’ve been loving our Guest Director series as a way to peek into the creative process of our peers and colleagues, not to mention we get to sit back and enjoy the film without knowing what’s going to happen next!

Working with Jayda and Universal Spanking was such fun, and so we were delighted to be sent a behind-the-scenes interview of the film. After watching such a taboo power dynamic at play with some serious spanking, it was refreshing to hear Universal Spanking and Jayda as their relaxed and authentic selves.

In the interview, Jayda tells us the cringeworthy story that forms the genesis of the Caught Camming plot. And no, it’s not as far-fetched as you might think. If you have ever wanted to ask Jayda if a parent has ever walked in on her - you’ll find your answer in this interview.

The duo talk a little about their favourite and least favourite implements for spanking. Jayda is subjected to a variety of them in the film, from the razor strap to the belt. Jayda describes the wooden paddle as “not bad”, and Universal Spanking jumps on the opportunity to test that theory. Jayda is laughing as she’s instructed to bend over, and is given three strikes of the wooden paddle so she can confirm if it really is “not bad”. It’s a lovely light-hearted moment which is following by a cuddle, and we get a heartwarming insight into the caring relationship between these two performers.

Caught Camming and its behind-the-scenes are out now on Dreams of Spanking. Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know your favourite implement!

Performer-Produced Content

Jayda Blayze at Dreams of Spanking

Caught Camming’ with Jayda Blayze is the third film in our new Guest Director series, and we think it’s going brilliantly. (The others, if you were wondering, were ‘A Spot of Bother’ - our latest period piece, directed by and starring Charlie J Forrest - and Nimue Allen’s ‘Lockdown Scolding’.) 

Made in collaboration with Universal Spanking, the fantasy behind this film is all Jayda’s own - to find out a little more about her inspiration, watch the behind-the-scenes extra we’re releasing in tandem with the main event.

Jayda Blayze gets paddled on the bare bottom at Dreams of Spanking

We’ve always been champions of performer-produced content here at Dreams of Spanking: it fits perfectly with our ethical standpoint and our focus on consent above all else. The continued need for social distancing has kept us from being able to get our own cameras rolling again, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce you all to some fresh content made by other performer/directors - including those who, like Jayda, live too far away to shoot with us in person.

It’s been wonderful to have a chance to work with Jayda, and we’re pleased to announce that this won’t be the last time - we’ve got another film starring her coming out in due course, so watch this space! In the meantime, you can get your Jayda fix on Just For Fans, ManyVids or Twitter.

Time to go back to school

Well, it’s September: back to school season is officially in full swing. Of course 2020 doesn’t like to do anything normally, so this year the re-opening of the schools is something many of us have mixed feelings about. If nothing else though many parents will have a bit more alone time now than they’ve had since the spring - so we thought we’d give you all a good reason to subscribe or re-subscribe to Dreams of Spanking!

A few years back we released lesbian school spanking film Back To School starring Molly Malone and Nimue Allen, and it turned out to be a fan favourite. It wasn’t originally intended as a two-parter, but Molly and Nimue got so into it that the roleplay went on for a good half hour of spanking gold.

Since it came out, though, we’ve improved the way we produce content here - so we figured it was time to give this hit film a bit of a glow-up. It definitely deserved a release as a complete scene, so Pandora has gone through and remastered it from start to finish. It’s been touched up, re-edited, and had the storyline of the roleplay brought to the fore. We’ve also dug out some never before seen behind-the-scenes footage, including the bit where Molly went completely doolally after a severe whipping from Nimue’s belt. They’d originally intended to switch again, but after that Molly realised she was melted into such a puddle that she couldn’t get her top headspace back and subbed for the rest of the scene! It’s a great moment, and it really adds something to the film itself.

In honour of this peculiar back to school season, we’re giving away a free exclusive download copy of the new and improved Back to School to everyone who joins (or re-joins!) between now and October 15th. We aren't publishing this edit on the site, so now's your chance to grab it - go get it, and give yourself the gift of nostalgic school punishment.

Pandora's secret superpower

Pregnant Pandora Blake paddled on the bare bottom at Dreams of Spanking

I don’t know if you guys realised this, but Pandora has a secret superpower: the ability to make hot, taboo spanking porn films that are also...weirdly wholesome?

On the surface of it, there’s nothing wholesome at all about our latest film. Pandora plays a bratty slut who has got herself pregnant - and doesn't even know who the father is! By the end she has an extremely red bottom courtesy of daddy dom Nimue, who has had enough and knows who's going to be left to look after the baby. It’s an edgy spanking roleplay involving implied daddy/daughter age play, serious telling-off, and a heavily pregnant spankee getting a hard bare bottom paddling. Plus there's at least one orgy joke.

Pregnant Pandora Blake spanked by Nimue Allen at Dreams of Spanking

And yet, and yet... when you get to the end, see - well, I won’t spoil it for you, but I came away giggling and genuinely heartwarmed. This film is a hot power play spanking fantasy, it presses all sorts of filthy buttons, and it also somehow rather sweet. I know Pandora was determined to shoot some hard spanking porn while heavily pregnant, and the baby bump in this film is the real deal. If you like a little age play with your spanking (guilty as charged) and breaking all the rules, you'll like this. And really, who doesn’t want queer butch Daddy dom to spank them and take care of them? I know I do.

Summer site improvements

A screengrab of our shiny new join page

Lockdown wasn’t a fallow period for us here at Dreams of Spanking - quite the opposite! No childcare meant I didn't have much time to do things myself, which made this the perfect moment to bring on new team members. We’ve got three newbies in the Dreams of Spanking family: DJ has joined us as our marketing lead, Sally is now helping out with the web development side, and Abi is our new writer assisting with scene copy and blog posts. Including this one, actually. (Well, this just got a bit meta, didn’t it? Who needs a fourth wall anyway. -Ed.) I record garbled dictation files with a baby on one arm, and she turns them into nice sentences for me. Thanks Abi!

Expanding the team has been an interesting experience, because for the first time I’m documenting some of the processes that for the past ten years have only existed in my head. It’s been a great reminder that there’s actually quite a lot to this porn-making thing. A surprising amount of skill, effort and expertise goes into creating the content you all enjoy! And writing down our methodologies is a great investment in the future, making it easier for me to delegate while keeping the quality of the work to the standard you've come to expect. 

So what have we all been working on? Further to our April post about changes to the site, there’s some new stuff to tell you about...

A shiny new join page!

One big thing we’ve changed recently is our join page. it’s now easier for prospective members to see what you'll get with your membership, and we’ve streamlined the signup process too. There are now just two quick web forms to fill in: one here on the website to create your account, and another on CCBill to pay. You won’t need to duplicate information between those two forms, and you can do the whole thing in one go. DJ worked his magic on the page, which now looks much nicer and pleases my aesthetic heart.

This has also given me a chance to finally reinstate MasterCard payments. I cancelled our MasterCard merchant subscription when the site was dormant, as CCBill charges $500 a year to receive MasterCard, meaning we need at least 30 members per year who can only pay with MasterCard to make it worthwhile. Now that our update schedule has stabilised and membership is growing, I thought it was time we gave you back that option. If you’ve been holding off on buying a membership because you only use MasterCard, now’s your chance!

Better mailing list software!

We've transitioning our mailing list management to SendGrid rather than handling it in-house. This upgrade gives us access to lots of new shiny features and analytics, with more flexibility to schedule emails and keep track of what's been sent, making it easier than ever for us to send you enticing spanking content. Among other things, this has enabled us to create a new opt-in: you can now sign up for free weekly spanking pics direct to your inbox, a hand-picked selection showcasing hot kinky moments you may not have seen before. It’s a great addition to our existing list, which is still the easiest way to stay abreast of all our new content as soon as it goes out. You can join either or both of these lists here. We've also created an option for new members to sign up for either or both lists when you create your account, so it's easier than ever (though still completely optional, of course).

Incidentally, if you have any feedback on either our mailing list setup or on the new join page we’d love to hear it: do they make you want to sign up? Is there anything else you’d like to see? Does it all make sense to you? Let us know in the comments on this post.

An improved update schedule!

We’ve committed to a new update schedule - and in fact we’ve been maintaining it steadily for a few months now. You’ll be getting brand new spanking content on the second and fourth Saturday of every month from here on out - so put that in your diaries! At least one of these updates will always be a video with an image gallery. The other might be a new video, but it could also be a photostory or an audio story. This gives us the best chance to showcase what our fantastic performers can do, and caters well to the tastes and preferences of our membership.

It's still uncertain when it’ll feel safe to shoot new partner scenes again - I’m thinking about options to reduce risk like pre-shoot testing, infrared thermometers and scenes featuring masks. Never fear, however: we’ve got porn! I've got plenty of content in the can that's yet to be posted, and we’re building relationships with performers who shoot at home. Many of these will be solo, but there are also scene partners and real-life couples sharing pods. We're partnering with some wonderful content creators, so watch this space for details! We’ve always been big fans of performer-created porn, and the whole industry has been in the same boat. We've seen a real growth in DIY porn this year, which is all to the good. We're dedicated to keeping to our schedule and bringing you the good stuff.

It’s wonderful to be collaborating with new team members behind the camera and new performers in front of it. I’m really looking forward to keeping the site growing and reaching new audiences in 2020 and beyond.


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