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How Do You Like It?

We value your opinions. We have our comments open for a reason - we like to hear what you think of our films and our writing. It gives us the warm fuzzy feeling to know that you’re enjoying something, and your feedback helps us decide the direction we go in next. That’s why we’re opening a customer survey for the month. 

It should only take you a few minutes and will ask a little about your experience with Dreams of Spanking, the features you’d like to see and any suggestions you have.. The responses you give will inform where Dreams of Spanking will go in 2021, and influence the content that we make. 

We know that you are busy and will be taking time out of your day to help us, so we want to reward you for your time. Everyone who fills out the survey (and enters their details at the end – you don't have to if you want to remain anonymous) will be put into a draw, and three winners will be chosen to win THREE MONTHS of free membership!

Click here to complete the survey - we appreciate it!


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