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Detention - or corporal punishment?

David Weston is not exactly a model student. His school uniform is scruffy, he rolls his eyes when he's in trouble, and he's even cheeky to his strict headmistress – something I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to do.

But in the latest spanking scene, he's been given a choice. Take a two-hour detention, or bend over the headmistress' desk to be spanked with the slipper.

Spanked with a slipper by his strict headmistress - Dreams of Spanking Spanked with a slipper by his strict headmistress - Dreams of Spanking

I love David's character in this. In his first video for Dreams of Spanking, he meekly accepted an over-the-knee spanking from his strict governess, but in this school spanking film it's clear he's not going to take the punishment with any degree of humility.

His stern headmistress, Pandora Blake, describes him as a 'delinquent', and as she whacks him with the slipper you can feel that her patience with this unruly pupil has totally run out - and you can even sense a sort of satisfaction at putting him in his place.

As David reluctantly lowers his underwear to be spanked hard with the slipper on his bare bottom, I think he might just be starting to regret his poor behaviour...

Spanked with a slipper by his strict headmistress - Dreams of Spanking

But does he regret his decision? Pandora tells him that if he had just gone to his detention, then she wouldn't have to waste her time administering corporal punishment to such an exasperating student.

David is obviously not keen on the idea of being slippered, protesting “You wouldn't, Miss!”

Oh she would. Pandora briskly explains that – at this particular school - corporal punishment hasn't yet gone out of fashion, probably precisely because of students like David who refuse to toe the line.

But despite his surprise that she's willing to bend him over the desk and lay on some stinging whacks with the slipper, I can't help but wonder if David's secretly congratulating himself on making the right choice. Detention, after all, takes a lot of time that could better be spent causing mischief. What would you opt for - two hours of tediously writing lines and being bored beyond words, or a short, sharp shock at the hands of the headmistress? I know which I would choose...

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