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A strict punishment for two poor evacuees

Strict punishment for two poor evacuees - historical spanking from Dreams of Spanking

This two-part historical spanking story features Molly Malone and Alexander Knight as two young, trembling, nervous evacuees. Sent away from the city of London to safety during the Blitz, they've obviously heard some horror stories about what might await them - you can practically hear their knees knocking as they warily approach the front door of the big country house that is to be their new home.

As it happens they're right to worry, because they find themselves cast on the mercy of the tremendously strict Dr Richard Barton. I love Richard's style as a top – it works so well in teacher/student scenes, old-fashioned Victorian punishment scenes, and much more. He's so incredibly precise in his speech and movements; carefully smoothing his clothes as he sits down to take Molly over his knee for a spanking, and enunciating every single word with clear gravitas, making sure that she knows exactly what she's in for.

The moment in part two when he turns to her and pronounces “as for you, young lady...” is still making me squirm in my seat.

Strict punishment for two poor evacuees - historical spanking from Dreams of Spanking

Part one of this story is as much about the tingling build up as the punishment itself.

I'm a huge fan of the simple and beautiful way that guys who top often roll their sleeves up before a spanking, and Dr Barton chooses his moment in this film with devastating precision. Alexander is already quaking in his boots - never having been spanked and having been forced to watch Molly endure a hard hand spanking. He trips over himself to apologise before Dr Barton has even told him off, clearly terrified and not wanting to make things any worse than they already are. He is shaking and breathing hard when he has to lower himself over the knee, and Dr Barton seems to take a particular pleasure in prolonguing his agony, taking the time to carefully unbutton his shirt and roll up to his sleeve in preparation for the spanking to come.

The anticipation is delicious. Throughout the opening sequences of this film I found myself latching on to every warning, every nervous 'yes sir', and every calm order from Richard Barton, just waiting for the moment when he'd express displeasure.

When it comes, it's more compelling because it's clearly the first time either Molly or Alexander's character has been spanked. Their shock at the stinging pain of a bare bottom spanking is expressed in gasps and squeals, and is utterly riveting. It's not surprising that Alexander's reactions should be intense, because in real life this was his first ever spanking film, and the first time he had submitted to a proper punishment spanking in the old-fashioned style. Watching this film I felt very sorry for him - he clearly struggled to take Dr Barton's stinging hand spanks, and his shocked face is almost as red as his bottom.

Strict punishment for two poor evacuees - historical spanking from Dreams of Spanking

In part two, the story picks up exactly where it left off in the previous scene: Molly's red bottom bared to highlight her humiliation, and both of the evacuees facing the wall while Dr Barton contemplates their next punishment.

I have to admit to some more bias here, which is that I absolutely love the leather strap. Dr Barton brandishes it with relish, clearly enjoying the effect the sight of the long leather implement is having on his young charges. He orders Molly and Alexander to bend over opposite arms of the sofa, bottoms bared and faces screwed up in fear as they wait for the first smacks to fall. Molly tries to console her little brother, clasping his hands and whispering that everything is going to be alright.

Strict punishment for two poor evacuees - historical spanking from Dreams of Spanking

Again, the build up of tension is key to what works in this scene – I was itching with anticipation as Richard strode around the sofa, berating his charges for their poor behaviour. When the strap inevitably falls, with a loud whack onto Molly's bare bottom, she squeals in agony - making Alexander jump in terror, and his heart pound even harder.

Strict punishment for two poor evacuees - historical spanking from Dreams of Spanking

Part two sees a solid strapping for Molly, and the gorgeous image of the evacuee brother and sister comforting each other and trying to steel themselves to endure the punishment. Richard is his usual stoic, professional self, giving an impression of a strict headmaster so perfect that it almost exactly matches the kind of aloof disciplinarian who sometimes punishes me in my fantasies. Molly and Alexander play the trembling schoolgirl and schoolboy to perfection. 'The Evacuees' is one of those timeless spanking scenarios which is always a treat to see played out on video, and I suspect this film will be popular with traditional spanking fans for a long time to come.

Strict punishment for two poor evacuees - historical spanking from Dreams of Spanking


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