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Chastised by her strict husband

Long ago, a man's home was his castle, to rule as he liked. In the second chapter of this Victorian spanking trilogy, Dr Richard Barton demonstrates exactly how a strict husband maintains control of his domestic domain.

In Chapter 1 (which you should catch up on now if you haven't seen it already!) the young Alexander Knight is stripped of his dignity by his strict stepmother Molly Malone. Alexander initially tries to get out of the beating by saying that his father wouldn't approve.

Now his father – Dr Barton – has returned home, and we get to see whether Alex was right. Will the patriarch approve of his wife administering corporal punishment in his absence? You can probably guess the answer...

Victorian wife chastised by her strict husband at Dreams of Spanking

Dr Barton won my heart (and quite a bit more of me) in 'Unorthodox Tutorial' - his first scene with Alexander Knight. He has a calm, natural authority that gives you the impression he doesn't ever need to shout to press his point home. Every precise gesture (in this film, for instance, carefully putting his glasses away as he prepares to deliver a spanking) highlights just how much control he has over the person who is about to be chastised.

Because of this, he can be incredibly scary without ever needing to raise his voice. There's a delicious tension in the first part of this scene, as you wonder how he'll react to the news that his wife has been taking discipline into her own hands. When she tells him, all he needs to do is raise his eyebrows and ask “you beat him?” and I'm already getting shivery in anticipation of the upcoming punishment.

When he tells Molly: “I'm rather displeased” it gets even better, and the first (of many) smacks on her bare bottom is a delicious release of the tension that's been rapidly building since the beginning.

Victorian wife chastised by her strict husband at Dreams of Spanking

While we're on the subject of bare bottoms, I can't possibly write this blog without commenting on Molly's exceptional bum, framed by a costume that couldn't be more perfect.

A while ago there was a BBC documentary called “What the Victorians did for us” which listed some of the great achievements of the Victorian age, and how they influenced life today. One of their largest oversights, to my mind, was failing to mention Victorian split petticoats.

(If split petticoats are your thing, I'd also recommend you watch 'Scholarship girl', in which Lola Marie, wearing beautiful split bloomers, is expertly tawsed by Pandora. If you like Victorian spanking you'll love that one too)

In 'Mrs Barton's Correction', Molly Malone's gorgeous round arse is temptingly revealed through Victorian split petticoats, framing her bum in a kind of heart shape, growing more emphasised during her well-deserved spanking as it turns a beautiful blushing red.

Victorian wife chastised by her strict husband at Dreams of Spanking

I'm told that this scene wasn't part of the plan that day, but after shooting chapter one of the trilogy, Molly decided she wanted a spanking in her beautiful Victorian dress. I don't blame her – after watching her beat her stepson, I was equally keen to see Mrs Barton get her comeuppance, and this video definitely doesn't disappoint.

So, go and enjoy chapter two – 'Mrs Barton's Correction' – and join me in delighted anticipation of chapter three, in which we'll see the strict stepmother and stern father join forces against their privileged, misbehaving son. There are those spine-tingling shivers again...


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