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Steamier spankings

I don't know about you but we love the heat. Admittedly it's inconvenient if you're carrying heavy things or getting public transport, but any situation that inclines people to get more naked and spend more time outdoors is good with us. 

Things are getting warmer at our favourite spanking sites as well, with some steamy scenes resulting in hot, sore bottoms.

Molly Malone takes to the sunny outdoors with Aleesha Fox at Red Stripe Films. The girls decide to go camping in the country but soon get lost. Molly gets really stressed at this state of affairs and they just decide to camp where they are. To relieve her stress Molly asks Aleesha to give her a good spanking. Aleesha does this with great enthusiasm, and soon brings a good rosy glow to Molly's bottom cheeks.

In episode 2 the girls decide it's time to eat, but Molly finds out that Aleesha has only packed booze, no food! Molly decides a punishment spanking is in order and takes Aleesha over her knee. Spanked first on her denim shorts she knows that she is in for a real painful episode. Next it's her beautiful bare bottom that comes in for some spanking attention from Molly's hard hand.

Meanwhile at Reluctant Young Men, eighteen-year old Trey looks like he belongs over an older man's knee getting what he deserves, and Chic looks like the guy who can give it to him. First Chic spanks him hard and heavy by hand. Nopone can give a hand spanking quite as hard as he does, pounding away until you can see Trey's body heave forward with every blow. Soon the poor young man is crying out in pain. Chic strips him down and continues with the bath brush as Trey kicks, struggles, screeches and howls in pain. Chic is both tough and tender with the young man, just like a dad, as he dishes out an intense punishment until Trey's cute, young butt is red and bruised.


Over at Triple A Spankings, Alex Reynolds is the subject for prefect Zoe Page's study on how to carry out the perfect detention. Alex is a complex subject for Zoe to observe, as this American Exchange Student tries every trick in the book to wriggle out of her guilt until confronted with overwhelming evidence. Miss Reynolds' regulation panties are removed, then she receives various tried & tested methods of discipline on her bare bottom. This includes the heavy hairbrush, a thick leather strap and a painful wooden paddle. Zoe watches eagerly, taking notes as the punishment unfolds so that she can step in when required.


At Femme Fatale Films, Famous TV chef Miss Severity Myers was proud to present her bakery lesson, until her hapless assistant decided to help himself to her stash of cupcakes. What ensues is a humiliating lesson for the assistant, who ends up with four red cheeks and an arse full of icing - and it's all broadcast live on TV!


And finally, something a little different and even steamier at Bright Desire. Sundae Love and Andrew are a real-life polyamorous couple who couldn't wait to fuck and went at it like monkeys. Sundae has no less than six orgasms during their marathon, playful sex session.



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