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Hello! Thomas Cameron here to talk about our most recent update, Sleepover. I had a great deal of fun helping film this scene, not least because the shoot gave me the opportunity to meet the awesome Alex for the first time. I'd heard many tales from the days she shared a room with Pandora in Texas, and had been looking forward to meeting one of the more interesting bloggers out there.

I arrived somewhat after Alex, and the girls gleefully informed me that their real-life behaviour on the first night of her stay would provide the plot for the first scene we'd be shooting. Apparently, they'd stayed up far too late, and there had been a great deal of giggling and inappropriate behaviour by soft-toys. Scenes played with humour are always a great deal of fun to do, and the resulting film is both sexy and charming.

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Alex and Pandora have been bad girls, staying up too late talking and laughing loudly under the covers. Poor Tom was kept awake half the night, even though he came in and told them twice to be quiet. So the next morning, before breakfast, he orders both girls to lower their jeans and come over his knee for a long, thorough spanking on their upturned bottoms and even the sensitive backs of their thighs. Pandora begs him not to spank Alex - she's her guest! - but Tom is adamant that they had fair warning to be quiet, and both of them are old enough to know better.

Once they have been soundly spanked, the girls must lie down side by side on the bed, and lower their knickers for a whopping total of 80 strokes of the long leather strap.

The ladies had a lot of fun playing with their naughty otter (I am told I missed my cue by a couple of minutes but they seeemed to be having so much fun...) After threats of a spanking in the morning fail to keep the girls quiet, Uncle Thomas tells them they'll be dealt with in the morning. They invent several creative attempts to avoid their spankings, ranging from blaming it all on the soft toys to wearing terribly cute matching panties in the hope that it would disarm their disciplinarian. Alas, this did not work.

Alex is a great deal of fun to spank, and when I fetched out the promised strap the girls made a dealightful picture holding hands on the bed in solidarity. I really enjoyed watching through the finished film and think many of you will as well!

I'll be back later this week to take a look around Nimue's World.


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