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Ten Amorette in 'The Mediator'

Our latest film features gorgeous spanking star Ten Amorette as a punk rock singer with an axe to grind. This was the only scene on our shoot where the two of us got spanked together, and I really enjoyed it. We play rockstar rivals embroiled in a legal dispute. After our band split we've each pursued solo careers, but now Ten is suing me for using songs she wrote without her permission.

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In The Mediator, my boyfriend Tom intervenes and invites both of us over without telling us the other will be there. He tells us that lawsuits don't help anyone, and tries to get us to calm down and resolve the matter privately.

But bitter feelings quickly rise to the surface, and Ten and I fail to keep our tempers under control. Tom is obliged to do a little attitude adjustment, and spanks us both until we simmer down. In the story, Tom and Ten were together in the old days, so she's already familiar with his hard hand - although she protests in vain that he can't do that to her any more.

To satisfy both our grievances, he dishes out eighteen strokes of the cane to each of us, with the other watching so that both of us can be sure that justice has been done.

Finally our mediator manages to persuade us to sit down and talk calmly, with cooled tempers and very hot bottoms.

I got the idea for this scene watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch last year. I wanted to shoot Ten and I getting punished together, but with a context that was a little different from the usual domestic discipline setup. I think Tom is great in this as the calm mediator who wants the best for both of us. Still, I can't help feeling some sympathy for Ten's character - I definitely felt like I was the villain in this piece!

This was the last scene of the day on my shoot with Ten, and we decided to go all out with the punishment. Thirty six cane strokes in total, after two very hard, fast and furious hand spankings, and both Ten and I will tell you that the canings were no joke.

It was me that decided we should get eighteen strokes each. I went first, and quickly realised my mistake and began to think that a dozen strokes would have been enough! The strokes that landed very low on the crease between my thighs and bottom were particularly painful with that thick cane. Neither Ten nor I were acting as we gritted our teeth through those last few strokes. But still, we both got through it, and the result is a hard, very satisfying punishment scene.

I loved working with Ten, and it was a joy to get spanked with her - even though we did spend most of the scene sniping and yelling at each other! You can also see Ten in Filthy Girl and Our Au Pair.


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