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Dominant masochism

Our latest spanking film, A Pleasure to Serve, is a sizzlingly sexy bedroom fantasy in which Michael and I play a F/M couple who explore their switch sides. In this scenario, my submissive Michael may have wanted to get his hands on my bottom, but he certainly never dared ask.

Still, from time to time, my character quite likes the feeling of a good, long hard spanking ... as long as it's on my terms. He's been a good boy lately, so tonight I decide to reward him by letting him take me over his knee. But as I command him to spank me as hard as he can, it's quite clear who's in charge!

Slowly removing my knickers before going over Michael's knee.

This is a sensual dom/sub spanking with a twist. Some viewers have described it as a switch scene, which is technically true - my character is both the domme and the bottom, and Michael's is both the top and the sub. However, I haven't tagged it as a switch scene; I'm reserving that keyword for scenes in which the same person both gives and receives corporal punishment.

I wrote it after Michael asked for a top role, and I think it shows off his aptitude as a spanker in the making. He's certainly got the hands for it - and doesn't he look good taking a lady over his knee?

Look at the size of those hands! He knows how to use them, too.

One bottom, well spanked.

And here are some of my favourite screengrabs:

"Spank you hard, you said? Are you sure?"

"Michael, I want you to spank me as hard as you possibly can with that hairbrush. Do you understand? Good boy."

Michael doing his best to please me.

This scene has already proved popular. The fact that it's a genuinely hard, long spanking with some serious use of the hairbrush may help, but what people have commented on is the explicit consent. It seems that lots of you want to see videos in which a spankee who adores being spanked asks for it - or even demands it!

As one viewer wrote after watching the trailer:

It's so so good to show so clearly that the spankee can be wholly desirous of her spanks... (and they can still be hard and long!)... People who disapprove of kink might have to re-think their views if we have more videos like this :)

But this scene isn't quite as simple as a spankee who loves to be spanked. It also turns traditional ideas of the roles of dominant and submissive upside down. When Michael questions my orders or doesn't obey quickly enough, my character scolds him - and at one point gets up from his lap and slaps his face.

This scene doesn't portray "topping from the bottom" (a problematic phrase at the best of times, with its associated value judgements about being submissive 'enough') but the relationship between a dominant masochist and her submissive.

(For reference, this does not express anything about my own relationships with D and Tom. I might request types of play I know I'll enjoy, but one thing I never do is dominate either of my primary partners in the bedroom. Perhaps I would, if either of them had a submissive side, but they don't, so I don't. However, with different partners I'm a sadist, a masochist and a switch, so with more submissive playmates this dynamic might be one I'd explore.)

This film was inspired by watching people play at spanking parties; people who are known dominants, but who occasionally enjoy receiving pain on their own terms. Most people have more than one side to their kink, and I know that dominant masochism and service sadism are fairly common dynamics. But it's not something you see portrayed very often in kinky videos.

The point is that simply enjoying and receiving pain does not imply any act of submission. It can for some people, but it's not inevitable. Dominance, submission, topping, bottom, sadism and masochism are all richly complex, subtle and nuanced phenomena which frequently overlap and interact in the same individuals. Bottoms are not always masochists and not always submissives, and tops are not always sadists and not always dominants.

I'm interested in making videos which express some of the fascinating variety of kinky relationships, and from the positive feedback this video has already received, you're interested in watching them, too.

Giggling after the final "cut". That was fun ... and hot!


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