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Contest of Arms

Our latest update stars Molly Malone and myself in a playful, light-hearted spanking film called Contest of Arms. In this scenario my character has recently been getting into personal fitness, and goads her housemate Molly into a contest of strength. Molly knows she will easily beat me, and is getting tired of my competitiveness, so she insists on a forfeit: she'll accept the challenge, but only on one condition - that if she wins, she gets to literally beat me, on my bum. 

We test our strength with free weights, but when Molly matches me lift for lift, she proposes settling the question in time-honoured fashion: arm wrestle! Of course, all of this is a mere warm-up for Molly getting to really demonstrate the power of her strong right arm - when she has me over her lap and is giving me a sound bare bottom spanking.

This scene had me laughing out loud while I was editing it - it contains some moments of comedy gold. Fitness buffs will find it entertaining, even if it's only to laugh at us! (If you actually know what you're doing, don't be too harsh on us; I'm still a newbie to strength training and as the video demonstrates, Molly finds spanking a more than adequate fitness regime!)   

I think this film will also appeal to queer porn fans. There are hints that both characters are at least a bit queer, although they aren't an item, and the whole scene plays with traditional gender roles and macho performance. This storyline subverts the idea of strength being an exclusively masculine pre-occupation, with our characters playing out a stereotypically butch competition for social dominance. All totally tongue-in-cheek, of course!

A quick out-of-character note. Molly and I were involved at the time of filming, but sadly our relationship ended last summer due to me making some horrendous mistakes which I deeply regret. The immediate aftermath was emotionally acute and it seemed best to wait a while before publishing our remaining scenes. Working with your real life lovers and play partners is a mixed blessing, and it can bring sadness as well as joy. Still, I'm proud of the material we filmed together and glad that Molly has given her consent to its publication. Watching it now is somewhat bittersweet, but it's good to have a record of some of the fun we shared.

Molly is a wonderful person and a very talented performer, and I'm honoured to have had the opportunity to shoot with her. If you enjoy her videos, do check out her website, and look out for her work on Northern Spanking, Spanking Sarah and Triple A Spanking.


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