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Normality in 2 592 000 seconds and counting...

So. The CMS is installed, the holding page has a mailing list sign up form (although not much else at present) and I have four weeks to get everything live.

The deadline wasn't meant to be this tight. I was doing my best to take things in their own time, not pressure myself, fit it in where I could and let it happen at its own pace. Except... D is my geek behind the scenes, my web developer par excellence, and the CMS I'm using is one he's written (with this project always in mind as one of its eventual uses). It doesn't yet know how to talk to billing agents like CCBill, and since I want to manage user accounts through the CMS rather than using CCBill's member database directly, integration might be a bit of a complex beast. The site owners and developers I've spoken to say it won't be easy (some say it can't be done), but D has some ideas and I want to try them before giving up.

The problem is that D is getting a job at the end of September. And he can't start working on the CCBill integration until CCBill have approved my merchant's account. And CCBill won't approve my merchant's account until I have a site ready to launch and make an application which includes giving them a password to my members area so they can vet all my content to make sure it includes nothing illegal.

So to give D a reasonable chunk of time to throw himself at the integration problem, I need to be ready to launch by the end of August.

Fine. Okay. No, that's cool actually, I like tight deadlines. Except August is also the month I'm:

  • Going to Germany to shoot for SM Circus and speak at a BDSM advocacy conference
  • Spending three days shooting with the lovely people of Restrained Elegance (one day for RE, two days for this site)
  • Building a website for Zoe Montana
  • Running an art fair

What's that phrase? Oh yeah. It'll be FINE...


67,058,000 seconds later (approximately)

And you didn't panic and it turned out to more than fine but 2 years and 1 1/2 months later I seem to be the first person to leave a comment. I think that there are three possible reasons for this.

(A) Comments have been left but they have been lost.

(B) People don't get that excited reading about CMS/billing agent database direct integration.

(C) Back in the summer of 2011 no one realized you were on the verge of creating the best spanking site in the World.

Aww, thank you Patrick, you certainly know how to make me smile :) I think B) is probably most likely, but I love the idea of C) too!

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