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The Prefect and the Fag

Did you ever read Roald Dahl's autobiography "Boy"? It was deeply formative for me. I read it when I was about 6, and while I was immersed in it I carried it everywhere in a daze of excitement, confusion and anxiety. Pretending that I wasn't affected by it, that the pages describing his public school punishments at the hands of teachers and prefects didn't leave my mind whirling and heart pounding.

When I was 8, my junior school teacher read it to us in story corner. I remember at the start of the second or third chapter, describing his first school caning as a boy not much older than myself. The chapter is called simply "The Cane", and the teacher held the book up to show us all a distinctive Quentin Blake illustration of a long, crook-handled cane. I stared at the carpet, willing my face not to betray me, appalled that something so deeply personal to me would be made so casually public.

I still have a number of my favourite fantasies based on that book. I think the most lasting is the story of the punishment style of a dreaded teacher when Roald was an older boy. This teacher would deliver his canings to you at leisure in his study, pacing room while you waited, bottom bare, over the arm of his sofa, and lecturing you at length between each hard, slow stroke. He would give you ten, all in all, and afterwards a damp cloth to clean up the blood. This is still a fantasy I return to two decades on.

The other most memorable anecdotes are centred around the tradition of "fagging". Prefects would be assigned younger boys to act as their personal servants, the equivalent of military batmen. Thus boys of good breeding would learn humility and service for a time, but benefit from the system when their turn came around. Stories abound of the peculiar cruelties and abuses only teenage boys are capable of when given power over those weaker than themselves.

My favourite story was of the prefect who would set his fag cleaning his study, and then, to inspect the results, put on a pristeen white glove to run his finger along every surface in the room while the hapless boy stood, quaking in his shoes, waiting to hear his sentence. I've always wanted to make a film exploring this theme. When the chance came to shoot with Sebastian and Jimmy I couldn't resist, especially once I discovered that Sebastian has a big thing for service and boot-blacking as a sub.

Given the location, my budget and the boys' personal style I couldn't quite stretch to a full historical re-enactment in Etonian top and tails. (I did lend Jimmy my white gloves, but sadly they were too small for his large hands.) This is a modern public school in which such traditions are continued clandestinely, behind closed doors. 

The resulting film is a rather bleak story of a mistreated school boy which comes right from the heart of my kink. The boys give brilliant performances, from Jimmy's patronising lectures and very, very hard spanking, to Sebastian's sulky submission and expert shoe polishing. Even if you don't normally watch M/M as erotica, I hope you can enjoy the atmosphere, emotions and CP-themed power play in this intense scene.

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Boy I hesitate to say this, but this is bullying. And here is one atheist that hopes there is a special place in hell for bullys. I can understand your interest in the stories as a child and now and it is nice to see somebody get to realize a lifelong dream. But the M/M aspect is not the only reason I won't be watching. When some thug takes advantage of a position to mistreat another being my sexual passions are not the ones being stirred.

I have tried to look at myself and see how I would feel if the victim was female (fun to look at for me,) and while I would probably look at in (unless it was Mood type stuff) I feel pretty sure it would not be my favorite. Your Caned in Jodpurs one was nice because the victim got her revenge, although the Master of the house got away with all of it.

I think your site is all you hoped it would be, and there is plenty here for everybody already. Your "romantic" themes are very well done and I eagerly await the next one.

Anyway, press on. You've got a great product and I have no expectations that I will love all of it and that is okay with me.


Eric, I can completely understand your point of view on this one. This sort of situation is utterly horribly when it exists in reality and I don't condone bullying, abuse or any sort of non-consensual CP at all. I truly respect the fact that it's not your kink and don't expect everyone to share my tastes - which I'll freely admit are somewhat over-the-edge at times.

Still, I also know I'm not the only one to be kinked towards the truly nasty at times, and I'm comfortable with the separation between fantasy and reality which makes it okay to fantasise about fictional non-consent scenarios (even those based on reality) without eroticising this sort of thing when it happens to an actual human being.

I think for me my empathy with the victim - when I read about this sort of thing I feel very emotionally affected, horrified, suffering right along with the person it happened to - it actually makes the fantasy stronger. I guess because I *am* identifying with the victim in this sort of scenario - it's a masochistic rather than a sadistic fantasy, for me. I don't know if that makes it morally better, but I reckon as long as it stays clearly in fantasyland, it's all good.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment and the good wishes, :) The scenes I've got lined up vary wildly between light and dark, and there will certainly be some more romantic films for you to enjoy soon.

Not all of our erotic fantasies are morally nice!
For instance, the M/m caning scene in the classic film IF is pure sadistic bullying - but in its dark mood it is a big turn on anyway. (Would be even better with a big old nun doing the caning of course..)
Roald Dahl: long ago I saw an interiew on tv, Dahl spoke of a teacher (female, I think?) who did not use a cane, but an even worse riding whip. It had a small blue feather attached to the handle. Anyone remember this better?

You and your nuns :D

The female teacher story is new to me. I thought his school only had male teachers? Very interesting!

Someone has been reading Oscar Wilde in here. At least he's in the book case. Did you read his De Profundis? - Journalism from Hell, sadism systemized. The writer died shorty after the experience...

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