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Fifteen hours

It's crunch time, and the flat D and I share has been transformed into Dreams of Spanking central: a hotbed of technology, creativity, and swearing at computers late into the night. It's been a rollercoaster of setbacks and successes. Still, overall progress has been steady, and underneath the perfectionism and stress I'm starting to feel genuinely excited of being able to launch a project I'm proud of.

There have been a lot of good things these last few days. D found, and fixed, the bug which was breaking our photogalleries, and if he hadn't already earned my undying gratitude and adoration, he has now. This is immense: in a single step, it's transformed this launch from a compromise-ish, "We'll do our best in the time available" sort of launch (last week, I was fully prepared to do without photogalleries if we had to) into a full-on, proper, doing-my-vision-justice launch. Excitement: building.

I spent the weekend debugging the website (haven't quite killed them all yet, but dealt with a large number and I know where the rest live), tidying up various pages and adding behind the scenes content. I consolidated the three  development version of the website on my computer and various servers (this one, and two versions of the members site) to make sure all the filenames were consistent and everything was where it ought to be. (Thanks to various server wrangling there's a fourth copy now, just to confuse matters further!) Then we did a code push and realised that our server wasn't big enough: we ran out of space before finishing the upload.

So the last two days has been D buying a new, bigger, shinier server and doing all the tedious sysadminny setup and transfer stuff. In the meantime, I've been racing to finish the last few scenes. I want to update the site between Christmas and NYE, but I'm doing family things from Dec 25-27, so I need to prepare my first two updates in advance, as well as the scenes which will be visible on launch. It's felt good to get stuck back into the truly creative stuff again, but also scary as I realise quite how little time there is left.

It'll be worth it though when I get to show you what we've got. On top of everything else, in the last two days I've finished an edgy, noir interrogation photoset in which dark agent D strips me and whips me with a belt; a film of Tom giving Zille Defeu and I a severe cropping and caning in jodhpurs (which I'll preview tomorrow); and the bedroom birching scene Tom and I shot last week.

So that's where we are. Holding our breath, working furiously, anticipation rising... and rising. The closer we get, the more proud and excited I'm able to feel. There are some scenes in particular I absolutely can't wait to share with you. I hope you like them as much as I do.


Hard-working girl


Being one of the alpha-testers, I can say positively that the end product is worth the waiting!

<3 <3 <3

I have no doubt about that.


So excited by this!! Tomorrow is going to be a great day. You have done so well lovely girl!!

Yay indeed! Thankyou thankyou thankyou. It's going to be a late night but I'm feeling great :) *dances with you*

*checks date and time*

Isn't it December 23 already? At least in England it is... Hmm, I guess I can wait a few more hours. *smiles*

Hello! Glad you're as excited as I am :) We're aiming for midday GMT...

Yoda Mode

Live it is :)

Congratulations, beloved (and to D. whose sanity may some day recover) The finished product is beautiful!


Fantastic Pandora, - Dreams of Spanking is a triumph! A really classy site, simple to navigate, with great videos and photos. Congratulations!

Thankyou John, that's really good to hear. Hope you enjoy the films and galleries - let me know your favourites! :)


Well done and yay! Everything's looking shiny and beautiful. Hope you'll get to sleep soon.

Sleep? Nah, we have all this champagne to drink first... :)

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