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A bit of cheerleading

Amongst all the attention to detail and busy-ness of getting the site ready for launch, I feel like I need to take a step back and think about the big picture. How far I've come since my first, premature ideas of making my own films and photosets five years ago; the day a couple of years later when I hit on the phrase "Pandora dreams of spanking" and everything started to fall into place. For the next two years I was bombarded with inspiration, ideas and passion for a project I barely had time to work on. The only way I could cope was to rearrange my life to put this project first.

With the help of the friends who have participated and helped bring my ideas to life, but most of all my partners who have kindly kept roofs over my head for the last year, allowing me to cut back on the paid work I was doing for other clients and start focussing on this; who have worked closely with me throughout this project behind and in front of the camera; who have kept me spanked and sane, we are now only two days away. (Forty hours, to be exact!)

The best part of all is knowing that I am not alone in my dreams.  Now that it's getting really close, and really scary, feeling overwhelmed by how much there is still to do, I need to remember why I'm doing this. When it feels like I'm drowning in the deadline, I need to remember that I'm not just doing this to indulge my own desires.

You, too, want beautiful spanking porn with stories inspired by real life and literature, with good acting, with plausible costumes and settings.

I will always prefer "Porn With a Plot", however much or little there is, I need to see some believable motivation for the scene that is being performed. "Oh you've been a naughty girl, get over my knee *spank spank spank* "ow, ow, ow", get up and leave, just doesn't spark anything. I want to be able to *feel* the scene, not just view it. As a female submissive, I want to identify with the punishee. If they are not living it (or appearing to) neither am I.
nova, 19:58 on 2 Dec 2011
I think you deliver such a good balance between edgy reality scenes & obvious joy in the work that it’s a delight to truly engage in your creations, be that a single image, thought provoking prose or erotically charged film.
OTK_Fessee, 17:13 on 11 Nov 2011

Like me, you want spanking porn you can watch with your partner, and you want girls and boys being punished together.

Being spanked with a naughty female partner in crime is one of my favorite fantasies. Too bad it is so rarely depicted. Well done.
Loving the look of this site so far. There are not enough sites out there to cater for "both sides" of spanking.
Switchsteve, 00:07 on 15 Nov 2011
I've way more top fantasies then bottom ones. But in most of my bottom fantasies I get punished with a female partner in crime by a female top. I'm so looking forward to such scenarios... Ursus Lewis, 16:54 on 19 Nov 2011
Thank you Pandora for producing images that we can appreciate together.
shycouple, 21:56 on 19 Nov 2011

Like me, you want ethical porn; and like me, you want elegance, romance, drama and adventure with your spanking.

Can I just say that I absolutely love what you are doing here? The intelligence of it, the elegance of it, the sheer gutsy, revolutionary creativity of it...
Fen Tigress, 21:15 on 20 Nov 2011
Consensual, enthusiastic, erotic and joyful D/S scenes are exactly where much of my kink lies.
Motley Wanderer, 10:37 on 28 Oct 2011
I love what you've done with the place! Elegant, a little dark and fairly crackling with an insightful point of view---not unlike its creator.
Searius, 18:21 on 15 Sep 2011

I'm doing this because it's been filling my head and my kink for years and I can't focus on anything else until I've pushed it out into the world. But I'm not only doing this for me, or for my lovers and play partners who share my kinks so closely. I'm doing it for all of you who have told me at some point over the last few years that you share my dreams.

I do think that the current trend (across most genres of porn, as far as I'm able to tell) for more performer led productions is a positive thing, especially in showing the world that we are not beaten down and forced into the things we do, but it is a positive choice we have made about what we want to do.
Nimue, 16:07 on 22 Oct 2011
Thank you for doing the hard work of realizing so many of our dreams!
Graham, 03:54 on 9 Sep 2011



Your brain is as impressive as your bottom. Love you :)

Can't wait to show you the film with Zille I've been working on today :)

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