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A bet's a bet

Here's the video trailer from one of our M/M scenes, "A bet's a bet":

Sebastian meets his friend Jimmy to go on their Sunday morning ride, despite a cracking hangover from the last night's drinking. He has very little memory of the previous evening, and is astonished when Jimmy informs him that he lost a bet and has to pay up. The price? Twelve strokes with the riding crop.

Sebastian thinks his friend is surely joking - but Jimmy doesn't intend to let him get away without keeping his word. A bet's a bet, no matter how drunk you were when you made it. Reluctantly, Sebastian concedes his point. He drops his breeches, bends over and takes his thrashing like a man.

This short, sharp, semi-consensual scene was really interesting to make. Jimmy and Sebastian stepped up to the challenge of depicting two upper class, non-kinky friends stepping out of their comfort zones and playing an edgy game that challenges their machismo and heterosexuality. It wasn't an easy script to take on, and both boys played their roles with conviction, imagination and wit. The scene ended up shorter, funnier and harder than I'd expected.

In the video, we decided it would be most realistic for Sebastian to keep his boxers on, even once his breeches come down. Already walking on the knife edge of acceptability, we suspected these characters would baulk at a bare bottom. But after we'd finished filming Sebastian had such beautiful stripes from the crop that we couldn't resist showing them off in the accompanying photos. 


Flash Harry

The thing that made this shoot so entertaining for me was jocularity generated between the two actors. I'm a long term fan of George Macdonald Fraser's Flashman series, and while nothing remotely similar happens to Flashman, the *atmosphere* was very similar to many of his Victorian adventures.

Without having read Flashman, it sounds very much like that was the atmosphere I was aiming for. The original concept for this scene was "young aristocrats duelling at dawn", but it evolved into this simply because the costumes were easier to manage. (Also, equestrian++)

I loved this clip!

I'm typing this with a huge grin on my face. Pretty boys and beatings are a winning combination!

I second this comment! Love the expressions and the fabulous stripes!

Aren't the stripes gorgeous? I couldn't resist the chance to show them off a bit :)

Hooray! I think so too, ever so glad you agree. It was relatively hard as well, given this was Sebastian's first ever spanking shoot.

My point precisely

This is exactly what I have been banging on about for months! Spanking porn for couples.
Although the clip is not exactly my scene it got my partner very excited. "I think I could totally smack his cute bum with a crop" was her response.
I can identify with that!

Brilliant! I felt much the same way, I had to admit. Jimmy's a lucky lad ;)

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