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Love Our Lurkers

Happy Love Our Lurkers day! Today is the day when spanking bloggers across the world invite their silent readers to pop their heads over the parapet* and leave a comment - long or short - to let them know they're there.

Although this blog hasn't been here for very long, we know you're out there. Several of you have left a comment already, and there have been some stimulating conversations as a result. Others have expressed interest in other ways - by signing up for a user account or to receive email updates - but not said hello directly. Well, now's your chance!

It may seem counter-intuitive to actually chat to a porn producer online. After all, the sort of material which turns you on is your business, and you might prefer to enjoy it in private rather than discuss it with all and sundry. But by making what we want to see, we're reaching out to others who share our tastes - and we really like the fact that we're not alone. We want to build a community of like-minded people, performers and viewers alike. We're interested in hearing your ideas about what you like to see (and what you don't like). What's guaranteed to make you hot and bothered? What spanking fantasies and scenes have you cherished for ages, but never seen enshrined in film?

Good porn should have at least one moment that makes you catch your breath, makes your tummy feel funny. It's a different moment for everyone, and that's one of the things that makes creating porn so interesting. As a spanko I know what triggers those moments for me, but it can be hard to anticipate what triggers them for other people. We love hearing about your turn ons and turn offs. Not only does it make our job easier, but it opens our minds and sparks our imagination.

As an extra special welcome, we promise that if a dozen of you say hello today, we'll post a hot, full-size photo from an entirely new photoset, which hasn't been previewed online before. We haven't quite made up our minds which one yet, so if you leave a comment, you can even influence the decision by letting us know what you want to see. :)

Maybe you post in lots of places online already, and don't need another spanko community. Maybe you look at lots of spanking blogs and websites, but never leave a comment. Well, we aren't asking you to move in (although it's quite nice here - we've got some big beanbags and I make an awesome cup of tea). Just say hi, let us know you're out there, give us a wave from across the room. It's great to have you here. Milk and sugar?

* I like the idea of my blog having a parapet.


I can't remember if I've posted comment here before, but I'm a fan and reader for a long time now. I love the stuff you post on your blog, both the "hot and bother-y" kind and the "makes me think" variety.

So here's me waving hello from a world away! Love your blog.



Lunargirl, hello! I've seen you on Quai's blog - and in fact I had one of your posts open for ages (this one: http://lunargirl.wordpress.com/2010/12/15/buttons-v/) because I liked it so much. It can be easier to post a link on twitter than actually leave a comment, but LOL day always reminds me that it's good to talk.

Thanks so much for reading. It's great to meet you :)

Happy LOL Day!

Hi Pandora,

I've commented countless times on your blog, but I think I haven't commented here, yet?! Does that count as delurking???

Anyway, a Happy LOL Day to you! As preferences for pictures go: How about one that features a spankable male bottom? ;-) No matter what the readers decide, I'm sure that the picture will be worth a look. Just like the one you've posted today which is very beautiful. :-)

I think it counts as de-lurking! Happy LOL day to you too, and here's to many pictures of spankable male bottoms! If no-one else expresses a preference I will JUMP at the chance to post one of those ;)

(BTW, I'm just making those screengrabs for you now! Love your acting in this clip so much :) )


Hi Pandora,

I'm was a regular visitor to your other blog, and always enjoy your posts. Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.


Hi Hermione! Welcome to this blog, and thanks for reading and commenting, it's always nice to chat to you :)

Pandora given a sound hairbrushing on white cotton knickers for LOL6

Well you asked what we wanted to see on Twitter !! I'll be adding you to my blogroll also !!

Happy LOL 6

MarQe xx

Oooh! Now there's a request. I have several clips in which I'm given a sound hairbrushing, and in one of them I'm wearing white cotton knickers, but do you know? I think I only get hand spanked over them! They come down before the hairbrush gets used.

You've just added something to my list of things to film - thanks very much! :)

Excellent !

I look forward to that !! ........ Pulled up nice & tight mind !! Thats my technique anyhow !

MQ x

I've made a note: "sound hairbrushing over white cotton knickers; make sure they're pulled up nice and tight." It's all in the details ;)

I used to visit your other blog and enjoyed reading your posts but don't think I commented so saying hello now.


Hi Ronnie! Thanks for following me over to this blog too, I hope it's just as enjoyable. But don't worry, I have no intention of stopping writing in Spanked, Not Silenced any time soon :)


Not really a lurker as I have been here from day one.
Happy LOL day.

And very lovely it's been to have your support :) Thanks for the comment and happy LOL!

Oops, the verification was "sponki blamed" and I had to concentrate so hard on it that I forgot to make my comment first!

This post reminds me so much of the first time I wrote you, years ago after seeing your scene with Zoe Montana in "The Australian Governess" on Northern Spanking. As I recall, you wrote back about two months later with abject apologies for having taken so long to reply. I was both highly amused and touched.

So, yep, I learned that spanking porn stars and producers are real people who don't take their readers and viewers for granted. I have to admit, my exposure to spanking clips, those who make them, and some of the intelligent commentators-- especially women commentators-- on vanilla porn has changed my views of the place of porn in society.

I suspect this site will change my views on how easily I could live without spanking clips. ;-)


Poor sponki!

Two months is special treatment in my inbox! I still have emails dated 2009 which I need to reply to :(

Spanking porn, porn blogging and the feminist porn movement have totally changed my views on porn in society, too. Five years ago I had no idea how much awesome work was being done! And there's still a lot to do in order to make that work more accessible and visible... but I genuinely believe that given a few years people's assumptions about what "porn" entails will be less dated.

I do hope you like my clips! I'm really nervous about raising expectations beyond the scope of my novice filmmaking skills, but the stories are quite interesting and I've worked with some brilliant actors, so I'm hoping that will make it possible for people to ignore my wobbly camerawork ;)


Hello! Can we see a photo of you on the big beanbags? :-P

*grin* Now there's a photoshoot idea... with stripy socks, methinks :)

Works for me :)

You'll end up swimming a bit, but something could be done.

Delurking ...

... for the first time on this blog, though I've commented on the other one from time to time.

Hi Craig! I'm so glad that this blog is providing some interest and entertainment too. Thanks for following me across :)

Die Masken ab!

Happy LOL Day.

Oy, so Dreams of Spanking has its own blog, eh? I wasn't even aware of that until now. It's been too long since I took a trip through the blogosphere.

So, I can actually leave a "true" delurker comment. My first and probably only one on this day.

Which photoset do I want to see? Any except the ones I'm in, I suppose. I know those, anyway, and it is the gracious thing to say. :)

Hello! Well done for finding us :) There's not much here yet but it'll be much shinier after launch. And congrats on your genuine delurker credentials - quite an achievement!

Actually the films with you in have very few photos attached - we didn't stop to take many stills. (Apart from the two school ones, but those aren't DoS productions.) I'm very excited about my new Mac which will enable me to do your dojo caning movie justice, though :)


I don't feel much of a lurker! But I follow you on twitter and admire your thoughtful approach as well as your enthusiasm for spanking.

Hi Bormay! It's lovely to meet you, thanks for letting me know you're there. I take it the enthusiasm for spanking is mutual? ;)

I think that this is the first time I've commented here. What do you know, a genuine delurk :)


Woop woop! Your prize is... a spanking photo! (I know, total surprise, eh?)

lurker comment

Glad I signed up for email updates. So far your future sight looks fantastic. Hope I can afford it. I collect photos on my laptop Love the one of you, from your 1st update, back to mirror skirt up panties down, Love photos like that. 2 from latest post B&W nude & you lifting front of vintage dress just beautiful. Hope for the best. Lou

Yay, hello and thankyou very much :) I'm aiming to make the site as affordable as possible - I think a month's subscription will be around the £20 mark but I also want to offer a short subscription period (5 days or so) for £10 if I can. It's a payment model that's worked well in the queer/lesbian porn scene and since I'm aiming to appeal to women as well as men I think the lower price point might work for cautious or new subscribers.

Thanks for the feedback on photos too, I love the more atmospheric/arty stuff. I have to ask though - which vintage dress photo do you mean? I'm not sure that's a Dreams of Spanking picture - was that on my other blog, perhaps from one of the other websites I've worked for?

reply to Pandora

The vintage dress picture is in "new figure nudes" on Spanked not Silenced blog 1 of 3 1st is the 1 like followed by you(?) in door way nude 3rd is B/W woman is lifting back of your dress skirt. Your price seems fair for the excellent content you've teased us with so far.

Ah, gotcha! Yes, I'd love to pursue more of those Victorian themes for this site. We already have a couple of period scenes filmed, including some set in a Great House and one set in a brothel... :)

I'm very pleased to hear you think the price point sounds reasonable. It's hard to know what to charge for a new site but putting your prices up over time is tricky too, so better off to start out where you intend to be, I think.

merit badge

I have been reaping the blog for age now time to out and post.
I like caning merit badge must have seriously thick walls or understanding neighbours

Understanding housemates, actually! Hello and welcome to the blog, it's nice to meet you :)

Understanding housemates

We didn't really have anyone living near us that wasn't part of our little tribe, as we were living above a pub at the time and that put my bedroom a long way from any outsiders.

historical spanking

I do like the spanking senarois set in the past maybe good if did more downton abbey with red bottoms

Downton Abbey with red bottoms

What a concept! If only I had their budget :) But yes - I love historical/Great House scenarios and have filmed several, can't wait to show them to people!

hi from a lurking couple

Fans of your writings Pandora and of course your image's.we're kinda private people but wish you every success.will light you blessings candles-

Hello hello! It's very nice to meet you - lovely to hear that couples are interested in looking at my spanking scenes together, that's always something I hoped would happen. :)

Lurker hello

Hi Pan,
I have been lurking for a few years now. Have been a secret spanking fan for much longer.
I once wrote this story on Cliterati - http://www.cliterati.co.uk/story/by-men/siobhans-first-spanking - half based on an actual experience (alas I never quite got to the spanking part in real life)
Always have ideas for stories and get much inspiration from your adventures. Most recently enjoyed your recollection of the ping pong table spanking.
Keep up the good work,

Bryan, thanks for the comment and for the link to that story, it made me smile - particularly the turning point at There was only one thing to do. Nicely done!

A wave from a real lurker


Great to have an excuse to say hello :)

Oooh, exciting! Great to meet you :) *noses around on your blog*

Happy LOL Day! Lovely picture... and a cute cup too.

~Todd and Suzy

Hello! Thanks for stopping by :) Sadly the cup isn't mine, it belonged to the photographer. I like it a lot though :)

I've been enjoying the little snippets you've shared on twitter. Happy LOL day!

Hello! Very nice to see you here :)

Hello Pandora

I have followed you afar for a number of years, having been an avid reader of your other blogs and via twitter. I think you deliver such a good balance between edgy reality scenes & obvious joy in the work that it’s a delight to truly engage in your creations, be that a single image, thought provoking prose or erotically charged film.

I look forward to engaging with you more often through this particular site.

a good balance between edgy reality scenes & obvious joy in the work

That's absolutely, bang on what I'm aiming for. Thankyou for this.

Greetings from Barcelona!

Good luck with your new web!!
We love you Pandora :) don't forget it :P

Thankyou very much :)

Belated happy LOL day!

i'd be late for my own spanking, which would probably result in...a spanking! i've been lurking for some time, and i love reading both your blogs and hearing your insights, and of course, seeing the pics! Oh, could i have coffee? Not a big tea drinker... ;)

Thanks for reading, and thanks even more for stopping by and saying hello.

Coffee - of course! How'd you take it? :)

Over the knee, for preference, ohhhh you meant the coffee... ;)


no morelurking

coming out at last thanks to all like minded people on twitter who gave me the courage to do it love the blog

Welcome Danny! Enjoyed chatting to you over the last few days, I'm very glad you came out of the woodwork and said hello :)

I like this website already without even being launched. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do!

Yay, that's nice to hear. Thank YOU for visiting! :)


Hi, the site is looking great, you are looking great, cant wait to see more. See you soon :-)

Thanks for stopping by Phil! Really looking forward to this Sunday :)

As requested

Loving the look of this site so far. There are not enough sites out their to cater for "both sides" of spanking.

Steve, this gladdens my heart to hear. Every time I receive a comment like this is proves the naysayers wrong and affirms my belief that the current trend of absolute gender segregation isn't going to last. Here's to mixing it up!

PS I love your profile pic!

I only supplied the canvas the artwork makes it a good picture...

That'll teach me for stopping on the way home and buying a new cane !

general feedback

I have just seen ' a bet is a bet, with two guys. Dont forget us guys love taking it too from guys and girls.

Dont forget us please


Andy, thankyou so much for stopping by and for the support. Producers are told time and time again they will alienate the "male audience" if they feature men as the stars because people will "assume it's gay". I have always suspected this is bollocks, especially when it comes to the spanking audience. It's great to hear feedback which backs that up!

Look for the preview of A Taste of Their Own Medicine too, if you haven't seen it. Me and Jimmy getting whacked together by Zoe. Fun!


w ent to bdsm. club. all sorts going came upon section where females were in line taking time to be otk by three eager females i dont know who enjoying it most, im sure you could come up with somthin smilar, new to you, alexico.

Hi Alexico, that sounds like a fun evening :) Sounds like a fairly complicated scene to film - lots of extras! But I love the idea of a female spanker so renowned for her skilled discipline that she opens the door to find a queue of willing spankees clamouring for her services...

Fashionably late de-lurking...

I spectacularly appear to have completely missed this occasion...
Is it too late to de-lurk?

Can I just say that I absolutely love what you are doing here?
The intelligence of it, the elegance of it, the sheer gutsy, revolutionary creativity of it...

Well done all...
Such anticipation!

FT xx

No, not too late at all! You're very very welcome. Thanks so much for saying hello, and I'm thrilled that the previews appeal to you so much. I hope the finished product speaks to you just as strongly!

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