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A Taste of their Own Medicine

This film is one of my favourites of the scenes we're launching with. It's a reprise of a F/F scene which I filmed for a site of Zoe Montana's that sadly never came to anything, but when we revisited it we had the benefit of Jimmy Holloway on his first CP film shoot as a bottom. I think that the addition improved the scenario significantly, turning it into a definitive "boy and girl punished together" schoolroom fantasy.

The Head Girl is shocked to discover that two of her prefects have been conducting a reign of terror under her nose for two whole terms. Prefects are allowed to dish out lines and detentions to younger pupils they catch flouting the school rules, but only the Head Girl and Boy, the teachers and the Headmaster are allowed to administer corporal punishment. Nonetheless, this terrible twosome have been doing exactly that. The Head Girl strips them of their prefect privileges, and decides that the only fair response is to give them a taste of their own medicine.

She punishes them with each of the implements which she has discovered they have used on younger pupils. With each implement, she drags the story out of them. Despite their protests and excuses, they have no choice but to bend over and endure what they have so irresponsibly handed out. 

This scene - and the others we filmed that day - went down very well when I first previewed it after the shoot, and I hope that the finished film turns out to be just as popular. With a number of different implements - hand, ruler, tawse, paddle, slipper and cane - and a story attached to each one, "A taste of their own medicine" ended up being half an hour of intense F/M and F/F action. Zoe was a formidable, no-nonsense Head Girl and Jimmy and I had great fun playing defensive bullies trying to wriggle out of the trouble they know they deserve. But don't take my word for it, watch the trailer:


Bottom fantasies

I've way more top fantasies then bottom ones. But in most of my bottom fantasies I get punished with a female partner in crime by a female top. I'm so looking forward to such scenarios... Pandora, your the best!

Yaaay, so pleased that I've managed to cater to a fantasy of yours! I've received a few emails over the years from gentlemen who similarly fantasise about being punished alongside an errant young lady, so I don't think you're the only one. I think the extra humiliation and piquancy that comes from watching and being watched makes it that much more exciting. I have to admit my inner voyeur did enjoy watching poor Jimmy suffer, even as my friend-brain and producer-brain were sympathising with him and hoping he was okay!

I assume he was ok! Being spanked by such a lovely lady and being able to watch you being spanked surely made his spanking go easier ;)

He was fine! He was a total champion actually - I mean you can tell from the above photos that Zoe didn't go easily on him, and his improvisation and acting were absolutely excellent. By the end of the day he was on such a high that he voluntarily requested another caning from Zoe just for the hell of it :) Best behind the scenes footage EVER!

Such a lucky man! :)

a taste of their own medicine

Thank you Pandora for producing images that we can appreciate together.that zoe looks scary :).

I love the image of the two of you looking at these pictures together :) I hope they inspired some exciting spanking play!

Zoe is a warm, caring and down to earth person who is immensely likeable. I love playing with her and am so glad I got the chance to film with her before she moved back to Australia.

loved that pandora one of my fantasies too being punished by a beautiful woman along with another beautiful woman . Excellent thanks lol Danny

So glad you liked it! :)

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