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A sound hairbrushing

Morning dreamers. Thanks so much to those of you who took me up on my offer yesterday and introduced yourselves. I'll reply to every comment individually, but it's given me a great big smile to hear from you all.

In return, as promised, here's a free spanking photo of me being soundly hairbrushed over Zoe Montana's knee.

Marqe proposed the hairbrushing theme, and while I wasn't quite able to fulfil his request for a punishment over white cotton knickers, hopefully this is the next best thing. A little while previously Zoe had spanked me with her hand over my knickers, but she pulled them down in order to administer the hairbrush on the bare. I like how the brush is moving so fast it's actually blurred!


OTK Hairvrush Spanking

I love this tableau; it deliciously captures the precarious predicament of Pandora, balanced over the knee with the expert Ms Montana wielding the vicious hairbrush with obvious exertion, the beauty of the red buttocks and clear dismay of its subject. A magnificent scene & one I equally enjoy bestowing.

Very glad you like it! The hairbrush is such an odd one - no matter how much I fantasise about it, in reality it's just horrible. But as soon as it's over I start to fantasise about it again. It's the definition of "love to hate".

love it

I love the blurred brush coming down witha lot of force behhind it so why do you love it and hate it so much.

Love it: because I fantasise about it and it gets me wet pretty much every time. Hate it: because unlike canes or a hand spanking or a leather implement there's no way the pain can become pleasure. Whether it's slow or hard, it's blunt and brutal and stingy and horrible and I just can't process it. It makes me panic.

Which I guess is why I find it so hot...


love the pic love hairbrush coming down on a deserving bare bottom nothing like it

I couldn't agree more! Glad you like the pic, Zoe gives a mean spanking when she wants to :)

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